Rose Werden

December 29, 1998

Truly my soul finds rest in God; my salvation comes from him. -Psalm 62:1

About Myself

I was born in Seoul, Korea on a military base because my dad is in the army. My sister was also born there when I was three, and shortly after we moved to Nashville TN. I grew up in Tennessee but moved to blythewood mid-eighth grade, then here (Elgin) before my freshman year. My sister goes to stover and plays the flute in their band. My mom is a barber and full blood korean while my dad is mixed with Irish and Cherokee. I spend most of my time with my church youth group, they're also very influential to me. I believe its important to be humble and work hard for what you want. I also think its important to take chances and push your limits because the opportunities you're provided today may not be available tomorrow.



Fur Elise

My Future

Although I am not entirely sure what my future holds, I hope to graduate college by 2020 since I've decided on an early graduation plan for high school. Career wise, I plan on working with patients who need therapy to recover. My ideal specification would to be help children who have or had cancer and help them through healing and any physical therapy. This was partially after I broke my hand and realized that getting back to a regular schedule is hard with physical weakness or irregularities. That's what had me thinking about younger kids and teens suffering to recover from a harsh disease like cancer. This career changes lives for the better, and I couldn't imagine anything that'd make me happier than working with kids and seeing improvement even though their won't always be a positive outcome.

Life Timeline

June 17, 1972- Watergate scandal

December 8, 1980- Lennon was killed

April 24, 1990- Hubble telescope launched

July 1992- Dad joined the army

July 31, 1997- Parents got married

December 29, 1998- I was born

September 11, 2001- Terrorist Attack on the Twin Towers

January 22, 2002- My sister was born

Feb 14 2003- My dad left for his 2nd tour to Afghanistan

March 19, 2003- Military invaded Afghanistan

February 4 2004- Facebook was established

May 2005- Bought our first house

August 31, 2005- Hurricane Katrina

January 20, 2009- Barack Obama was put in office

November 30, 2012- Moved from Tennessee to Blythewood

April 15, 2013- Boston Marathon Bombing

June 17, 2014- Broke my knuckles and metacarpals

July 3, 2014- Found my life in Christ

July 2014- Mom visited Korea for the first time in 12 years

September 30, 2014- Ebola in USA

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