Come Live In Virginia We Have Everything You Want and Need

Geography Of Virginia

Virginia is a place in between Maryland and North Carolina. It's located on the Atlantic Coast. It has great fertile, soil for farming. So we have a large surplus of food. One of our most popular crops, or cash crop, is tobacco! England has a very large demand for it and so will you when you come and live in Virginia! We also have lots of fresh water and many resources for building new houses and farms!

Why Was Virginia Founded?

Virginia was established and founded because the English want to bring money back to their mother country, England. They made most of there money off farming. Their most valuable and most grown crop is tobacco. Tobacco is a very popular in England. When tobacco first started being sold in England the demand started rising every year and it still is. More tobacco is being sold which is making more money for England. This makes Virginia a very valuable colony for its farming land/soil.

The Government of Virginia

Virginia has a Representative Government! Which means we make our own rules, punishments, rewards, and ideas. We have something called the The House Of Burgesses. Which is where we vote for people to represent us and our ideas! We the people make all the decisions not some King who we've never met!

Religion in Virginia

All people who are in the Anglican Church are welcome in Virginia. We do not allow non-Christian religions in Virginia! Religion is allowed in the government.

Who Founded the Colony

In 1607, a grope of wealthy people wanted to start an English Colony in North America. They formed the Virginia Company of London. King James I of England backed the project and granted the charter.


Virginia makes lots of money from farming their cash crop (tobacco). Tobacco is very popular in European countries. Africans came over to our colony to help (enslaved) with labor. If the Africans stay long enough they can gain their freedom. There is no limit on the amount of farm land in Virginia . Farmers are always pushing west!!