GT Curriculum 1-3

Andrews ISD

Mrs. Scott

This is my 20th year in public education. I have taught 2nd, 3rd and 5th grades. I also have taught as the GT facilitator in Coppell ISD. My husband and I are Andrews Alumni and enjoy living near family. I look forward to another great year facilitating the potential of our GT kiddos in grades 1-3.

Goals of AISD GT

The gifted and talented student will study issues, problems, and themes of a discipline or course of study in- depth understanding through a differentiated curriculum.

The gifted and talented student will become creative problem-solvers and use complex thinking skills effectively.

The gifted and talented student will participate in self-initiated and self-directed learning that leads to the development of advanced level products.

The gifted and talented student will develop reference skills by using appropriate and specialized resources that will facilitate the development of advanced level products.

The gifted and talented student will become aware of their own unique potential in order to develop their abilities for the betterment of self and society.
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Why Innovation Time?

  • Learning is purposeful and exciting!
  • Students may experience failures and develop strategies to see this as a benefit instead as a gauge of intelligence.
  • Fortune 500 companies already instill 20% time. Byproducts include higher productivity, higher employment retention and increased innovation. Gmail is a product of innovation time.
  • Prepares students for future jobs that have not been created.
  • Students are more creative,well-rounded and are often a more global thinker.


1st Grade: T/TH 1:00-2:15
2nd Grade Dual Language: T/Th 9:35-10:50
2nd Grade Non- Dual Language T/Th 8:15-9:30
3rd Grade Wed. 1:00-3:30

FPS: (4-5) M,T, TH,F 3:00-3:40
Administrative responsibilities include GT testing for the district, verifying schedules, FPS evaluator, and GT training verification.

Frequently Asked Questions

Will my child need to be retested for GT?
AISD does not require retesting at this time. However, if a student begins to struggle academically a committee may be convened to pursue furloughing or exited the student

Can my child work on his/her project at home?
I prefer students work on their projects at school. However, some students will be so excited about their topic,they may choose to research their project at home. Make sure this is completed with little parent intervention and the use of credible sources.

Will my child receive a grade for GT?
Your child will receive a progress report each six weeks with his/her report card. Also, rubrics for completed projects are also used. However, official grades in the grade book will not be recorded.

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