Digital Access

Skills 21

What is Digital Access?

It is full electronic participation in society. This means everyone should have access to digital technology, especially technologies that are free, like the Internet.

The Issues of digital access

There are some issues when it comes to digital access. The biggest issue is that not every person does have digital access. This is bad because you should be able to use the internet no matter who you are. It is very hard to solve also because not everyone doesn't have the same economic situation and some cant afford access to the internet. This is also the digital divide (explained later).

Digital access is important

Digital access is important because it gives you access to the internet. The Internet is a communications tool, a means of commerce, and a entertainment tool. It is also a technological advance that promises to enhance productivity in many aspects of life and it increase the standard-of-living for all those who use it. This is why digital access is so important.

The Digital Divide

The gap between those who have access to digital technologies and the internet and those who do not. There is a digital divide in today's society. This divide is shown to the left.

Adaptive Software

Adaptive Software is a type of specialized software that is programmed or created to respond to changes in the needs or desires of the user. This type of software will also adapt to changes within the operating environment without resulting in a failure of the program. Some common examples of adaptive software include speech recognition software that allows persons who cannot manipulate a keyboard or mouse to execute an order that the system will process and can make people with limited sight benefit with the addition of a scanner that makes it possible to magnify text displayed on the screen, or possibly interpret a Braille text into voice.