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Background Information

The mass murder sight known as Auschwitz was opened on May 26th, 1942. More people died here than at any other concentration camp. It was located in south west Poland and occupied by thousands of Natzi soldiers. After conquering Poland in 1939, the Nazi's annexed into the area to build concentration camps. They established Auschwitz and deported about 1.3 million people into the camp. Over time they managed to murder about 1.1 million of them.

The Horror

Two-thousand Jewish prisoners were taken to the largest concentration camp of their time. At the moment they were unaware of the horror they would face in their near future. Auschwitz was made up of 3 main camps and about 36 sub camps. What used to be an abandon Polish army base was now a place of tragedy. Of the three main camps Auschwitz I was the largest.

Auschwitz I

This was the main camp and the first camp close to Oswiecim. Police reserved 15.44 square miles of land for exclusive use of the camp.the first prisoners here were German men. They were know criminal offenders, and were transferred from the Lodz via Dachau concentration camp. Auschwitz I was created to serve three purposes. 1. Capture any Nazi enemies. 2. Get prisoners to do their labor. 3. Illuminate any small groups targeting the Nazis.

Every day life

Every morning at Auschwitz I prisoners have a 4 a.m. wake up call, and must make their beds perfectly military style. If it is not perfect the prisoner would be beaten, sometimes to death. For breakfast if they did not have their "mess-tin" they did not eat. Everyone else received a thin slice of bread and "coffee". Then they would have morning role call. The prisoners would line up in rows and be accounted for. If anyone misses role call they were beaten. Then everyone was rushed to work. This was no easy work. They were lucky to even receive a tool. If a prisoner was working too slow, they would be killed by the guards. After roughly 6 hours of work they had a "lunch break", and as soon as it began it was over. After this prisoners returned to work for a few hours, then received dinner. Shortly after dinner there was an evening role call and finally prisoners were sent to sleep.

Commanders of the camp

At every camp there were at least 3 lieutenants and hundreds of guards. The main lieutenant of Auschwitz I was Colonel Rudolf Hoess.


Every day in the camp at least 20 prisoners died. They ether died from being beaten, not working enough, disrespect, and almost anything else they could think of.The most horrible part about someone dying in the camp was that other prisoners must carry around the body until it is taken care of. There were so many deaths the prisoners stopped counting.


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Facts about Auschwitz

- Auschwitz was the largest murder site in all human history

- 6,350kg of human hair was recovered after the Holocaust

- 36 sub-camps

- Most murders of the Holocaust happened here


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Auschwitz is a historical horror that will never be forgotten. All the deaths that took place here will always be remembered. The steadiness of this whole plan is one of the scariest parts. The grief will live on forever.

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