Bankruptcy Handout

Chapter 7

What is Bankruptcy?

Bankruptcy is a generalized term for a federal court procedure that helps consumers and businesses get rid of their debts and repay their creditors
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  • 1,139,601 Chapter 7 files were made in the year 2010. 39,485 of those were businesses and the individual's flied the rest of 1,100,116.

  • People from all ages file for bankruptcy from 19-90, but the average is 38.

  • Couples filing jointly make up about 44 percent. Women who file single bankruptcy petitions account for about 30 percent of filings. Men filing singly compose only 26 percent of filers.

  • Bankruptcy filers tend to have a slightly higher education level than non-filers.

  • Two-thirds of bankruptcy filers cited unemployment as a reason for their filing.

  • About 50 percent of bankruptcy filers have dealt with a significant medical event in their recent past.

  • A whopping 91 percent of filers report medical expenses, job loss or divorce as a contributor to their bankruptcy case.

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