Which is a Better Bargain ?

Alma A. Flores Quiz #3

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Don't be fooled by the dollar amounts. Take time to do the calculations. You will thank your Professor one day for teaching you how!

Nightstand nightmare

You are shopping for a nightstand and want to make your money strech a bit while saving a couple of dollars on your purchase. You happen to have two coupons for this purchase, which one would be a better deal? Will it be the $20 off coupon or the 20% of coupon?

Converse Contraversies

You walk in to a shoe store and you happen to see these neat sneakers you've always wanted. Lucky for you, you are holding a coupon for 20% off and a coupon for $20 off. Which would get you a better savings?

Percolator Panics

You happen to see an add in the Best Buy store paper that there is a sale on percolators. The store is offering coupons in their ads. You find two store coupons in their ad. One of the coupons is for $20 off and the other coupon is for 20% off. Panic begins to take over you. Which coupon will actually save you some bucks to keep in your pockets?
I went to my notebook and began looking at my notes from previous shopping dilemas and applied what few skills stuck to my head during a math course that I took. I made all math calculations and decided that my best option was to use the $20 off coupon for my items. I was really tempted to use the 20% coupon, for I thought it sounded like a better deal to use this coupon because I pictured in my head the hundreths, so to me it would have saved me more money. After doing all the calculations, I decided that I had made a good choice and proceded with my purchases at these stores for my mechandise. Had I used the 20% coupon, and not had taken the time to do the calculations, I would be kicking myself for not bothering to spend a little time to work with numbers to get the best deals.
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Let's take this chair for instance...

This chair is priced over $100, therefore it will be best to use the 20% coupon in order to get a better savings. If the chair was to be priced under $100, then the best coupon to use would be the $20 off one.

So I think I have done good on my shopping spree.

If I were to use my 20% coupon, I will be saving more because not only is the percentage being deducted from the whole hundred dollars, but it also applies to the rest of the total amount. The chair is priced at over $100, so If I were to use my $20 dollar coupon, the discount would only be a flat rate on the total price of the chair. Therefor, it is best to use the 20% coupon.

When purchasing anything over $100, you get more for your money by using your 20% coupon to get your money's worth the purchase because the amount of savings is applied to the total amount of the item and not only to the whole $100 amount.