SDS on Element- Alexium Veshiaium

Discoverers- Mrs. Hoff and Mr. Veshia in Texas

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Basic Information

  • Symbol- AV
  • The Atomic Mass is- 85 kg.
  • Large quantities of it show up around technology, especially computers. Small quantities around movie theaters

Physical Properties

  • Surface is light, with blondish hair and brown eyes.
  • Boils when exposed to annoyances for extended amounts of time.
  • Can cause annoyance if extremely bored
  • Specimens can be found in different states:
  1. Happy when everything goes to plan
  2. Angry when annoying things happen far too often
  3. Sad when there is a giant amount of homework assigned in one day

Chemical Properties

  • Is repelled by by very hot/cold areas
  • Is attracted to fun things
  • Requires lots of San Pelegrino
  • Is restless if found in calm places