Isle Royale National Park

By: Molly Williams

Michigan is known for the great lakes and one of the great lakes in there is Lake Superior. Lake Superior is what surrounds Isle Royale, a national park. Isle Royale has many animal populations, is the least popular national park, but also has a lot of interesting history, land forms, and things to do there.

Animal Species

In Isle Royale there are multiple species of animals. There's about 19 mammal species on Isle Royale. The mammal species are moose, beavers, squirrels, rabbits, and timber wolves. The two main bug species are black flies and mosquitoes. They hatch between May and June and start to die off at the end of July. Under the sea, there are animals too like clams, snails, bryozoans, and water bugs. Bryozoans look like blobs and are found by docks. If a piece of a bryozoan comes off you may find them washed up on the sand. As you can see there are numerous species of animals in Isle Royale.

What You Can Do There

Isle Royale is not very popular but there are a lot of fun things to do there. Two things to do is backpacking and hiking. In Isle Royale there are about 165 miles of hiking and backpacking trails. If you hike all of those in one day it would be a herculean task. You can also go canoeing, kayaking, and scuba diving. While you go scuba diving you will be able to explore and take pictures of sunken ships. During your trip, you may want to stay for some more fun the next day. There are more than 36 campgrounds on the island. To get to your campground you will have to hike, go by canoe, kayak, or a motor boat. Even though the island is not very popular you won't be disappointed.

The History

Isle Royale was founded on April 3, 1940. Isle Royale looked very different back then. A long time ago it used to be covered in 2 miles of ice and glaciers. The ice and glaciers helped make the features and structures of what is now Isle Royale. After the glaciers melted they made Lake Superior. The water that surrounds Isle Royale is Lake Superior. Before it was discovered you may not have even thought it would have been a national park because it looked so different back then.

Isle Royale Myth

Once upon a time a bear named Hemmer that had saved his families life. Hemmer's family lived in the woods and wanted a spell for magical powers. The only way to get it was to fight the evil snake named Lester. A huge tsunami was coming soon so this was his last chance to find Lester a fight him.When Hemmer was out walking he came across a snake but this was no snake it was....Lester. Good thing Hemmer brought his magical candy cane. The second worst weapon in all of the forest. Hemmer was scared but he had no choice he needed that potion. As soon as Hemmer pulled out his magical candy cane he could see the fear in Lester's face. Then all of a sudden Hemmer could tell that was sarcasm because Lester pulled out the worst weapon in all of the forest....the magical reindeer. It took many hours and they were both tired one more strike is all it will take and Lester will be down. Then all of a sudden Lester fainted and surrendered. Hemmer walked backed to his house with the feeling of victory. When hemmer looked behind him he saw a giant tsunami coming right for him. Hemmer wasn’t scared because he had magical powers. Hemmer used his powers and made the tsunami go around the land he lived on. Now instead of a forest his house was standing on an island. Lester on the other hand got his own island far away for Hemmer's house. Hemmer ,his family, and Lester lived happily ever after.
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