top 5 human made disarters

By Tom Fox

The Chernobyl Nuclear Explosion

The Chernobyl Nuclear Explosion is one of the biggest human disasters.

4000 out of 600 000 were more affected.

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how will it affect every one.

this disaster will affect many people for many many years to come. this affects babbey in an awful way as the baby is born it is deformed.

The Bhopal Disaster

The Bhopal Disaster is the 2end worst human disasters. 2000 people were killed.

why is it one of the biggest human disasters.

is is one of the biggest human disasters because so many people were killed in the gas leak and some survivors had some family and friends in the incident.

Baia Mare Cyanide Spill

is the third biggest disasters as a dam overflowed with a toxic water and kill heaps of fish and 100 people were hospitalised because they ate infected fish.
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E-waste in Guiyu, China

88% children suffer lead poisoning. E-waste in Guiyu, China may of had the largest electronic waste site on earth

The Seveso Disaster

there was a chemical explosion at seveso. shortly after it 3,300 animals died and some had to be put down.

Gulf of Mexico Dead Zone

gulf of mexico has a Dead zone where the is no life. it was cased for a damping spot
if you whant to see more wach this vid
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