Fredericktown Elementary School

Winter Edition

School Safety Announcement

Your child's safety is the most important thing to the staff of Fredericktown Local Schools. Recently, in central Ohio, there has been an uptick in prank phone calls to schools claiming that active shooters are on school campuses. These fake phone calls are called "swatting" and attempt to induce chaos while dispatching large numbers of first responders to a particular location.

Fredericktown Schools takes every threat seriously. We will respond accordingly and would like to remind you of our procedures and policies. If our schools receive such a call, we would immediately have our SRO and administrative staff investigate while ensuring our students are safe. We will communicate via phone to update you about the situation and ask that you do not come to the school. In an emergency situation, we would be on lockdown, and you would not be able to enter the building. If we need to evacuate the school and move students to an alternate location, the school will notify you of the pick-up location and the procedures for picking up your student.

We are constantly training staff in safety procedures and protocols in order to keep our students safe. Fredericktown Local Schools works closely with the Fredericktown Police Department and the Fredericktown Fire Department to make sure our emergency procedures are up-to-date and vetted by professionals.

Adaptive Playground Equipment

Recently we added several pieces of equipment to the Kindergarten playground. The goal was to add playground equipment that would promote play between children of all abilities while providing multi-sensory experiences for all children to enjoy. The pieces that were selected are able to be utilized by children of all abilities, whether they are accessing the piece from a wheelchair or walker, using it alongside a peer, or enjoying the sounds the pieces create while their classmates activate them. Inclusion is encouraged at Fredericktown, not only in the classroom, but across the entire school environment. These new playground pieces allow all children to engage together in one of the most meaningful childhood occupations - play. Special thanks goes out to Darci Untied, Occupational Therapist and Christa Arnette, Physical Therapist Assistance. It was their research and expertise that was used in acquiring this equipment. Additional thanks goes out to our Special Education Director, John Massara who coordinates our special education programming.

Please see the picture below of the equipment and contact information for student services. We ask that you do not climb on the adaptive equipment.

Thank you