Elementary Update, September 12

American International School of Egypt - West Campus

Hybrid Learning Begins

We are delighted and so excited to welcome you back on campus with the new normal guidelines! Please take the time to read the information in this newsletter as it includes important information about reopening.

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Cohorts are still not final yet. Students are being divided into cohorts to maintain the social distance and the safety guidelines that we must comply with. We are prioritizing siblings being in the same cohort. We are still working on this until Monday morning. If we do not meet your individual requests that accommodate car pooling plans with neighbours, we apologize for that. We are currently making every effort to meet every request. The confirmed cohort will be visible on PowerSchool on Monday at 8:00 am.

Staggered Start Timeline

Sunday, September 13 and Monday, September 14

Online learning continues for all students

Tuesday September 15

Online learning continues for KG1 and Grades 1-5

KG2 Cohort A will be attending on campus for Health and Safety Training from 8:30-11:00am

KG2 Cohort B will be attending on campus for Health and Safety Training from 12:00pm-2:30pm

KG2 parents are kindly asked to provide transportation for their children to and from school. Please expect to collect your child from the front of the school as close to the dismissal time as possible.

Wednesday, September 16

Online learning continues for KG1 and KG2

Independent online learning starts for Grades 1-5 Cohort B

Grades 1-5 Cohort A will be attending on campus for Health and Safety Training for the full day.

Arrival and dismissal information is detailed below.

Thursday, September 17

Online learning continues for KG1 and KG2

Independent online learning start for Grades 1-5 Cohort A

Grades 1-5 Cohort B will be attending on campus for Health and Safety Training for the full day.

Arrival and dismissal information is detailed below.

Reminder of General Safety Guidelines

  • All staff and students will be required to wear masks at all times and follow social distancing guidelines, on campus, in the classroom and on the bus. Mask breaks will be catered for.

  • The PE curriculum has been adjusted to focus on personal fitness, health education and individual sport skills. Contact sports will not be allowed in P.E. classes. Whenever possible, the P.E. classes will be held outdoors.

  • Arrival, breaks during the day and dismissals will be staggered to prevent large groups from gathering. Hallways will have directionality markers that must be followed. Students will wait in distanced single file lines outside the classroom and enter when invited by the teacher.

  • Classrooms and common areas will be disinfected frequently.

  • Frequent hand-washing will be required of all students and staff.

  • Teachers will ask every student to sanitize their hands before entering the classroom. Each student will be allowed to visit the bathroom to wash their hands.

  • Teachers will be provided with the necessary chemicals to spray the desks throughout the day. Students are then required to wipe their own desks with tissue and throw it in the trash.

  • Arrival and dismissals will be staggered to prevent large groups from gathering.

  • Students will arrive straight to class. There will be no morning lines at the field.

  • There will be no after-school activities, community events or assemblies.

Cafeteria and Food Service

KG1 and KG2 students will not have access to the cafeteria and packed lunches should be provided. Please provide sufficient food to sustain your child throughout the day. Pleas refer to the parent handbook regarding our healthy food policy.

The food vendors will be selling pre-packed ready made snacks and meals. Orders will be taken before 9am and submitted to the food vendor. Orders will then be made available on the class tables at lunch time. Students are encouraged to pack their own snacks and lunch from home. Food vendors will close at 1:30 pm. Students are not allowed to buy food after dismissal at the end of the day.

Arrival to School and Staggered Dismissal

Students will arrive and go straight to their classroom. Students should use the stairwell closest to their classroom. Assistance will be provided to students to know which stairs to use on the first few days of each cohort

  • Dismissal for elementary school will follow the same schedule throughout the hybrid model

  • Once students are dismissed, they will be accompanied by their grade level teachers and/or TAs to the bus/car gates.

  • Social distancing and mask-wearing will be required on the school buses.

  • Students are expected to leave straight away and are not allowed to loiter inside the building or on campus to wait for siblings.
  • Gatherings and loitering near exit gates will not be permitted.

  • Parents and/or drivers are asked not to congregate near gate 1.

Dismissal times:

2:30pm - Grades 1 & 2

2:40pm - KG1 & KG2

2:50pm - Grades 3, 4, 5

Face Covering Requirements

Face masks are required on campus.

All students are required to wear a face mask if they are riding the bus, transitioning in public

spaces, and at certain times in their classroom. Their classroom teacher, in coordination with the Principals, will determine appropriate times where students may need to remove their masks to facilitate learning, such as during language arts time. There may also be times where teachers of KG1-G3 students will use a face shield instead of a face mask to facilitate the teaching of the English language where the visual cues or mouth movements may be necessary for learning.

Students will be working in their designated cohorts and in small groups. There is a significantly

lower risk of transmission and infection associated with younger students and also

developmental and academic needs differ greatly.

Students in grades 4-12 and all employees will wear a cloth mask or surgical face mask at all

times on campus, indoors and outdoors, alone, or in shared spaces, except when eating and in

the circumstances described in the opening plan. Only a medical condition, documented by a

doctor’s note and verified by our school doctors will be accepted as a reason for any member of

our staff and faculty or any student in grades 4-12, to not wear a mask. Those who wish to wear

additional face coverings, such as face shields, may also choose to do so.

Please refer to the CDC's recommendations for further information.

How can you help your child wear a mask

If you haven't yet started talking to your child about wearing a mask, please start immediately. Discuss the importance of keeping it on during the day (unless instructed to remove it during mask breaks and eating) and the importance of not touching the front of the mask.

Please practice removing and putting the mask on by the ear straps only. It is important that you work with us to build stamina for your child wearing a mask by increasing the time that they wear their mask on a daily basis.

Please provide your child with a paper bag or envelope that they can place their mask in during mask breaks and/or while eating. This should be a fresh bag daily.

Please ensure your child wears a mask to school and has at least one spare mask in their book bag in a suitable storage container. Masks, like other personal items, should be marked with your child's name.

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