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Happy Thursday!

We had a rocky start to the week with Canvas down, but you all handled it with grace and ease! Thank you for being flexible this week with performance schedules and iReady testing schedules. So far, testing is going well and we hope to have testing done this week for the most part.

Tonight is the PTA Holiday Mixer at Galloway Station-I hope to see you there, even if you can only stop by for a brief time. Next Tuesday, is "Tinker Time" and we are hosting at Sequiota. If you haven't signed up, please consider staying! It is from 4:00 p.m.-5:00 p.m. in the library.

REMINDER: Next Friday is National Ugly Christmas Sweater Day! Don't forget to wear your sweater! Tuesday the 15th there will be no staff meeting (Merry Christmas), we WILL be having a Christmas Party in the Learning Commons from 4-5! Don't forget to bring your favorite dish!

Have a Fantastic weekend!


Picture Disclaimer: Try getting a picture of Laura without her knowing it..."Steve what are you doing?"...Laura was new to 2nd grade (after many successful years in 4th) and you would never know! Laura has been rocking 2nd grade since the day she made the switch. Laura is good at a lot of things but excels at tracking data on her students. Laura ALWAYS knows exactly where her students are academically. Laura also builds relationships with her students and in every conversation you can just tell that Laura loves her students and takes responsibility for their learning & behavior. Laura is a great problem solver and will find a solution to any problem! Laura is using google slides with her students, telling her class story through twitter and wrote a grant for an Osmo (which her students are loving!)! Laura is also a great teammate. Laura has been there to support Sheri through the loss of loved ones and was quick to jump in and help while Sheri was out. Laura is in the spotlight this week because she had a safety issue with a student at dismissal this week and handled it PERFECTLY. Thank you Laura for loving your students, giving 120% every day, being innovative-open to new learning and always keeping your students safe! The video below is courtesy of Sheri and Steve (sorry Laura), and displays Laura's willingness to try new things (with peer pressure)! Access the video here:

Laura-you have made a difference, and continue to do so every day. Thank you (song below)!

[LYRICS] You Have Made A Difference - A Teacher appreciation song
Sequiota School Calendar

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Food Power Schedule for this Friday

9-9:50: Roman

9:15-10:05: Kilburn

9:30-10:30: Popp

9:45-10:35: Collins

10:00-10:50: Wadsworth

10:15-11:05: Mullins

10:30-11:20: Nichols

12:00-12:40: Slominsky

12:10-1:00: Pawlowsky

12:25-1:15: Dougherty

12:40-1:30: Griffin

12:55-1:45: Rinkoski

1:10-2:00: Nelson

1:25-2:15: Schofield

1:40-2:30: Zay

Strategy Five: Reverse the Golden Rule

Instead of "Do unto others as you would have done to you", they are suggesting that you "Do unto others as they would have you do unto them". When it comes to meaningful bucket filling, individualization is key. Some things won't mean the same thing to others. When filling buckets, figure out how those behind the buckets your filling are motivated or need to be acknowledged. Bucket filling must be specific to the individual.

This week when filling buckets, make it personal and specific! Now....go fill some buckets!


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Don't Need to Repair--Always Do Repair

We will be talking about this for a few weeks...We have already discussed treating everyone with respect, and the BEST TEACHERS try to do this-always. This chapter talks about working with someone who was nice most of the time, but would let the volcano erupt from time to time. During those eruptions, people around them were hurt personally. Some of those hurts may have never healed, but some may never heal.

When educators are impatient and unprofessional, they are more likely to throw darts. Students may remain nice to you, but what choice do they have? They may fear being treated the same in the future. However, the relationship may never be the same.

EFFECTIVE TEACHERS know that a relationship, once damaged, may never be the same. This is one reason why effective teachers are sensitive to every single statement they make or action they take. We will hear more about this next week....