Data Extended

We are so glad that you decided to join us!!

Mentor/Mentee Time

  • Discuss what the state testing schedule is normally like at RSMS.
  • If core subject teacher, discuss where you are with your standards. Will your pacing allow you to teach all standards adequately?
  • Share two strategies that can help with classroom management.
  • Teacher Observation: Get that scheduled:) Turn in to Ms. Scott
  • Observation??
  • Answer any questions/concerns
Big picture

Diving Deeper: Pick Two

Of the stations below, pick two to explore that help you reach your individual goal of diving deeper into data.
Round Table Discussion of Data Stations

What did you take away from your exploration?

Data Work Time

Use this time to work on extending your data.

  • What can you add to your data spreadsheet to make it more meaningful for you?
  • How can data chats be enhanced in your classroom?
  • How can Mrs. Scott and Mrs. Smith support your extension of data?