Petroleum Engineering

Austin Ragland

What is Petroleum Engineering?

Petroleum engineering is the field of engineering that deals with the design and development of methods and tools for extracting oil and gas from below the earth's surface. I'm interested in pursuing a job in this field because it would allow me to live pretty much anywhere within Texas, as well as fulfilling any financial needs. In addition to this, extracting more oil and gas domestically allows for our country's money to stay within it's own economy, as opposed to flowing into that of a country in the Middle East.

A Typical Day

As a petroleum engineer, a typical day lasts from about 9am-5pm in an office or laboratory setting. However, they sometimes go off site to an oil rig via a helicopter.

Starting Salary

The average starting salary for a petroleum engineer is around $80,000, however it can rise over time up to $200,000 a year


In order to become a petroleum engineer, one must complete 4 years of college and earn a Bachelor's degree.
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