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March 12, 2021

Positive Shout Outs

Congratulations to these students that were chosen to be STAR STUDENTS this week. These students were chosen for demonstrating many wonderful behaviors. Some words that the teachers used described our star students this week are kind, diligent, hard working, best attitude, role model, and dedicated. We are so very proud of all of them. Keep up the good work! And thank you for setting an example for all of your classmates.
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Spotlight On Encore!

This week we would like to feature our wonderful Encore staff at Jefferson. Miss Baker, Mrs. Mattucci, Mr. Tyrell, Mrs. Valitis, and Coach K. These wonderful teachers work with all of our students throughout the week. They play an important part in your child's education. Be sure to ask your child about all that is going on in these classes.

Mrs. Martucci:

We have just finished learning jump rope skills while participating in the Kids Heart Challenge. Students learned many single jump rope tricks including the jogger, hop, straddle, twist and crisscross. We did many challenges including how many jumps they could get without missing, with both the single and long jump rope. We are now on our cup stacking unit! We have learned the basic patterns of cup stacking including the 3-3-3, the 3-6-3, and the 6-6. Everyone has been doing a wonderful job learning these patterns and building towers on their own. After Spring Break, we will be working on rolling and bowling skills along with some cooperative games to finish out the year. Mrs. Martucci keeps all of our students active and learning.

Miss Baker

Miss Baker teaching our Jefferson students in person. Miss Baker has one class that is virtual. Some of the things that the student have been working on by grade level are below. It is so nice to walk down the hallway and hear the wonderful music and voices from her room!

5th Grade Music- We are working on "Tempo and Dynamic Markings".

4th Grade- We are working on "Instrument Family Classification".

3rd Grade- We are working on singing "Rounds."

2nd Grade- We are singing "Do, Re, Mi Melodies."

1st Grade- We are reading "Quarter Note, Quarter Rest, and Eighth Note Rhythms."
Kindergarten- We are reading "Quarter Note and Eighth Note Rhythms."

Mr. K Virtual:

We are currently working on our fitness levels during virtual P.E. class, as we have been doing all year long. We recently have been doing all types of activities such as virtual Monopoly, virtual "CandyLand" and "Chutes and Ladders" games as well. I have also been working on creating fitness videos for my Physical Education YouTube Channel - "Mr. K's PE Pit Stop - which have also been great tools for me to use to supplement my classroom instruction. I currently have seven videos posted and will be working on numerous more in the days and weeks to come.

Mr. Tyrrell: Virtual:

Mr. Tyrrell has been teaching mostly virtual classes this year and has enjoyed exploring new ways to experience music with his students. He has spent time reviewing fundamental skills to prepare students for their musical futures, focusing on Solfa (think “Do a deer” from the Sound of Music) and Rhythm languages.

Mr. Tyrrell has been finding new ways to explore the parts of songs, as live ensemble singing (singing with others in the same room) is not an option with virtual learning. Through the use of recordings and student solos, students have been able to share their voices with their classmates. He has also been using student-led projects, such as those designed in Google Song Maker, to teach concepts like Major and minor. He has also used this time to educate students on African American musicians and Women musicians during Black History Month and Women’s History Month. The virtual setting is ideal for presenting this historical information and being able to hear significant works from these composers, singers, instrumentalists, and conductors.

Mr. Tyrrell feels grateful to work with his students, both in-person and virtually, and is hopeful that music can help them persevere through this difficult time.

Mrs. Valaitis:

It has been a busy few weeks in the library! Aside from organizing and cleaning all the books after they are used in the library, we are busy reading stories and picking out books that pique the interest of the students. Please remember that the book fair is still going on. The book fair will run through March 14th. Thomas Jefferson will earn 25% on net sales in Scholastic Dollars to buy new books! Also, please remember that book only orders over $25.00 qualify for free shipping. If you want to purchase something other than books, make a separate order or you will be charged shipping on the entire order. All orders will be shipped directly to your homes. Have fun shopping and supporting our school! Check out the link below

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Next Wednesday 3/17 and Thursday 3/18 will be asynchronous learning days due to the 2nd round of the vaccines for all of our staff. Your child will be required to complete the work that their teacher will be sending home on Tuesday. This is required work and we ask that you send it back to school on Friday, March 19th. School will be in session on Monday, March 15, Tuesday, March 16th, and Friday, March 19th. Spring break will be the week of March 22nd through March 26th. There will also be no school on April 2nd and April 5th. These days will not be asynchronous learning days and there will be no work sent home to be completed on the 2nd and 5th. If you have any questions about any of these days, please call the office. We hope you have a relaxing break!

A Message From Mrs. Martucci

The Kids Heart Challenge is officially over and our school raised $1,673.!! Way to go Jefferson!! A big thank you to all that helped support the American Heart Association! The top fundraisers were:

Amelia Gartland and Ryan Haas raised $270!!

Maeve Schmitz raised $250

Cameron Decker raised $221.30

Cecelia Czika raised $100

Timmy Ewing raised $75

Elaina Pierce raised $65

Great Job Everyone! We will be doing this again next year!

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Kindergarten OSOB Character Drawings

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Kindergarten Registration

Your child must be 5 years old on or before August 1, 2021, to be enrolled for the 2021-2022 school year. To make an appointment to register your child, please contact Lori Dugger at 440-942-7244 or by email at

Chick-fil-A Fundraiser

Mark your calendars for Tuesday, March 16th. During the hours of 5:00 pm-7:00 pm, Chick-fil-A will donate 15% of all their sales to Jefferson Elementary School. Help support our school by ordering on that day!


  • Please remember to call the office attendance line if your child will be absent. If your child will be leaving early, please remember to send in a note on that day.
  • Power School Updates: An email was sent out for anyone that has not updated all of their child's emergency/contact information. It is imperative that this information be updated, whether your child is a virtual or brick-and-mortar student.
  • Please remember that masks are required to be worn every day at school. Some students are forgetting to bring their masks and the office has to supply them. Please have your child keep an extra mask in their bookbag.
  • Please remember to send water bottles to school each day. Our water fountains are off limits due to COVID restrictions. Also, it is very important that names are written on the water bottles.
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Upcoming Dates

March 14th - Last Day Online Book Fair

March 14th - Daylight Savings Time

March 16th - Chick-fil-A Night for Jefferson

March 17th - Asynchronous Learning Day

March 18th - Asynchronous Learning Day

March 22-26 - No School Spring Break

April 2nd - No School

April 5th - No School

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