• All competitions will be under 5 minutes long.

  • There will be no double HOH reigns and no BOB competitions

  • The competitions will be both physical and mental.

  • There will be an HOH competition, a Veto competiton, and an eviction every “week” (a week is what we will call the round).

  • Once you are evicted you may not stay in the youth suite, you must go up stairs with the rest of the youth and play assassin, hide and seek, or whatever pleases you.


  • If you make it to the top 11 and you are evicted, then you will become a part of the jury.

  • Once there are only two houseguests left, the 9 members of the jury will cast their vote to determine the winner.

  • All evicted houseguests and youth members who decided not to play may return to the youth suite for the jury votes and the determining of the winner.

  • There will be no BB twists in the middle of the game. Classic Big Brother.

  • If time becomes an issue, then we may have a “double eviction” in which both houseguests who are remaining on the block after the Veto competition will be evicted. The double eviction week will be determined by Rebekah on whichever week she pleases.

  • Each week, the houseguest who wins HOH will have 5 minutes to talk strategy with other houseguests until he/she has to make nominations.

  • After nominations the houseguests will have 5 minutes to prepare for the Veto competition.

  • Between the Veto and HOH competitions, there will be a random drawing to determine the 3 other houseguests that will be playing in the Veto competition ( the HOH, the two houseguests on the block, and 3 other houseguests randomly drawn). When there are only 6 houseguests left or less than 6 then all of the houseguests will compete for the Veto.

  • After the Veto competition, the Veto winner will have 5 minutes to talk with the other houseguests before he has to make his/her decision on what to do with the Veto.

  • At the Veto ceremony, the veto holder will make his decision and the current HOH will immediately put up a replacement nominee if necessary.

  • After the Veto ceremony, the houseguests will have 5 minutes to talk with other houseguests before the eviction.

  • Each houseguest who is not on the block, will get to cast one vote on private to Rebekah. If there is a tie then the reigning HOH will be the tiebreaker vote.

  • After the votes are casted, the houseguest who was evicted must immediately leave the youth suite and go upstairs with the rest of the houseguests.

  • Houseguests will then have 5 minutes before the next “week” starts and before the next HOH competition.

  • Once only three houseguests remain, there will be a three-part HOH competition and the winner of it will get to decide which houseguests he/she will bring to the finale with him/her.

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