New Teacher Meeting

April 12, 2016

Part One: Good Things Share Out

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Part Two: Every Child, Every Day Chp. 9

Focus: "All In": Collaboration, Synergy, and Momentum


Partner Activity - Skim the chapter with a partner and pick out a quote or two that you connected that either challenged or validated your thinking or work within your classroom. Share with the group.

"All In" Success Factors Discussion

Part Three: Fresh EOG Review Tech Tools

Front Row - Adaptive Math and ELA Practice

MathBuddyOnline - Math Review and Question of the Day

WootMath - Digital Hands on Fractions/Decimals

Kahoot/Quizziz - Game based Learning

Plickers - "Clickers" - Smore

GoSoapBox - Web-based Clickers

Edmodo - Blended Learning Classroom (facebook-like interface)

Venngage - Free Infographic/Poster Creator

PicLits - Creative Writing/Storytelling (figurative language/mood/tone/etc.)

PlayPosIt - Interactive Video Creation

Quizlet - Vocabulary review flashcards/games - *NEW FEATURE - Quizlet Live *

Linoit - Brain/concept mapping

Voki - Student created talking avatars

Make Belief Comix - Comic Strip Creator

Fake Tweet - Fake status updates

Arcade Game Generator - Free Assessment tool

Sploder! - Arcade Game Creator

Review Game Zone - Create review games

Part Four:

General Q&A - Parking Lot Padlet

April/May Meetings Survey

For Next Time: Every Child, Every Day Chp. 10