By: Mildred Valencia Horses are amazing

Horses habitat

Horses habitat can be in many places. For example, a horse habitat can be in the wild in many different types of terrain such as meadows, desert, plains, mountains, valleys, etc. Also, horses are easily domesticated and can live in a ranch. There are many other horse habitat because they are strong and agile; they can live in many different habitats as long as they have access to water.

Horses look

Horses that have a long mane is a female horse or mare; a horse that has a short mane is called a male horse or stallion. In general, horses have very different looks or appearances. They come in different colors, mane length, sizes, and stripes shapes on their foreheads. Also, an interesting fact is that horses can hear really well. For example, they can hear someone coming is close to them from a far distance. This is also because their eyes are on the side of their head, and they can see almost 360 degrees around them.

What kind of food do horses eat?

Horses are plant eaters or herbivores. The natural food for horse is grass. Grass provides the natural nutrients horses need to be healthy. They also eat leafy plants such as wheat, corn, hay, and grains. I have seen lots of horses eating hay in my town, and they loved it.

What kind of names do horses have?

Horses have many names. For example, their names depend on whether they are male or female, young or adult horses. A male horse is called a stallion; a female horse is called a mare. A young male is called a colt; a young female is called a filly. Also, horses are known by other names that are based on their breed as well as their physical properties or traits. For example, they are known as palominos, quarter-mile, paso fino, appaloosa, etc.

Types of horse gaits

Horse gaits are classified as natural walk, trot, canter, and gallop. Each of these have different beats: two, three, and four beat. Horses walk at about 4 miles per hour (mph) and they trot at about 8 mph. They reach their fastest speed when they canter and gallop. The average speed of a canter depends on the length of a horse stride, but typically ranges between 16-27 mph. Horses can gallop around 27 mph or greater. In my opinion, horses gallop is fast. One of the fastest animals.

How many bones can a horse have?

I can tell that horses might have a lot of bones. It is estimated that horses have at least 200 bones. Actually, this number is very close to the number of bones in a human body. Horses have a lot of bones because they need those bones so they can do amazing cool stuff like jumping over things, kicking, and running super fast.

How long can a horse live and what is the fastest recorded speed?

Horse can life-span differs for wild and domestic horses. Wild horses do not live as much as domestic horses. This is because wild horses do not get the treatment and care they need to remain healthy for a long time. Domestic horses can live for about 25 years. The fastest recorded horse speed is about 88 kilometers per hour or 55 miles per hour.

My conclusion

As we can see with all the facts provided for these animals (and many more I did not include), horses are amazing animals. They can go for a long time and long distances without water. There are some breeds that are very powerful. These big horses can do work all day pulling heavy loads such as stage coaches, wagons, and doing work at the fields. All of these work is to help people and society in some way. Horses are used to entertain us as well during races. Other horses can reach amazing speeds of 55 miles per hour! Imagine that is as fast as a car travels in a freeway. That is really amazing! There are few animals that are faster than the fastest horses. Also, I would like to learn more about horses.
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