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Twitter: Who to Follow

@PEScholar is an online resource which you can sign up to and access a variety of different teaching resources specific to PE. They tweet links to various resources which you can access and save.

PE App of the Week

Weekly Recommended iPad App

PicPlayPost - I found this on @appsgonefree and it seems very similar to Moldiv, which was recommended a few weeks back. Anyway, in similar fashion you upload pictures but this App has the added bonus of uploading a video clip as well. Immediately I think you could allow students to include pictures and video clips of them performing skills for Practical Sports in BTEC, Core PE etc. This is simply saved to the camera roll or uploaded to Twitter or YouTube.

PE tip of the day


“@PE_TotD: Rounders bowling: rather than simply practicing bowling to partner - bowl to a backstop through a hoop held by "batter". Gives knee to shoulder target height but encourages flat, quick delivery. In a game, if batter misses, B/S should catch on the full, so why not try and replicate in a drill?”

Theory Lessons

“@davisonpe: Introduce lesson subject, then get pupils to write down what they would like to learn based around that subject Then stick these on wall. Take sheet down every time you answer that aim/what they want to learn. Pupils write how's it been achieved. Application of knowledge and visual progress in the lesson! #pegeeks”


“@TheBenHorbury: @PE_TotD in athletics always show the WR to put it into perspective, let the students guess the WR first, Also how many attempts do pupils need to equal record when distances added together #numeracylink #targetsetting”


“@PE_TotD: Sprinting: for events like 100/200, split into groups & give s/watch to each. Time individual sections of the run; 1st, 2nd 25m etc then use data to feedback to runner about quicker/slower sections. Logistics: position a timer at 25m, 50, 75 & finish. As runner passes 1st timer, they stop their watch & raise hand. 2nd timer immediately starts their watch...and so on until finish line”

Delivering Outstanding Lessons

Below is the link to a screencast by @davisonPE on @subjectsupport about demonstrating progress in an innovative way

T&L Ideas: Dominoes

Really recommend you reading this Blog for some ideas from Bulmershe School Toolkit from @ASTsupportAAli who was a recent recommended twitter follower. Anyway I like this idea of using dominoes and you do not need to ask an apprentice to cut them up and laminate them either

Using EDMODO: Paperless Classroom

This is a link to how you can use EDMODO in a BTEC classroom showing how to set assignments, how work can be submitted (which could improve deadlines being met) and how work can be assessed online to provide formal feedback, which links into GoogleDocs