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March / April 2016

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A note from the Principal

Welcome to the 3rd edition of Enrich. I hope that you've had a great time so far this term and that all is set for the remainder of the year to see you reach your goals and achieve your targets for this academic year.

I thoroughly enjoyed meeting with you informally in the refectory sessions this term and hope to continue to pop in to various campuses as a way of reaching out to you for your comments, views and feedback on your experience at the College. Please remember that you can always get in touch by emailing future@gcfe.net to have your voice heard.

The College is moving ahead with its accommodation plans and I hope to be able to invite you in the Summer term to get involved in the design and planning of the College campus. Exciting times ahead of us as a college both in terms of our provision as well as support for the College to improve its accommodation. Watch this space!

Lastly I would like to wish you a very happy Easter and hope that you have a great break.

See you in April.


A note from Jeff Stuart: Head of Learner Support Services

It's that time of year again to enjoy 4 day weeks, chocolate eggs and surveys !!!

There have been lots of requests for your views and feedback of late and I thank you for providing information that will allow us to provide a learning experience that is tailored to our learner's needs. We are constantly looking at how we can improve as a college, so if you have views on how this can happen please use the Fab/Drab boards, speak to your course rep or just stop a member of staff in the corridor!

Christmas seems a distant memory and in the same vein, the end of the academic year will arrive fast! For some of you it will mark the end of an era and for others the final part of the stepping stone to the next stage in development at the college. Regardless of where you are at, our job is to help you get where you'd like to be so if there is anything that you think can be done to help support you in your development then please speak to any member of staff about accessing the Learner Support Service.

Have a great Easter.

Jeff Stuart: Head of Learner Support Services

Careers Show 2016 - Tuesday 5 April at Beau Sejour (9am - 4pm and 5pm - 7pm)

What can I get from the Careers Show?

If you are like most people, you will change jobs a number of times throughout the course of your life. You may be choosing your first job or you may be considering a career change. What makes these career decisions successful is the amount of planning and preparation you do when researching other occupations. So how can the Careers Show help you with this?

- The Careers Show will allow you to find out what the job market is like in Guernsey and what sort of opportunities are available.

- You get to speak to industry experts who can give you a realistic view of their working life. Try your hand at various activities being run on the stands.

- You can find out information about training courses and qualifications from BPP, the College of FE, Solent University, CIMA and GTA stands.

- You may be able to arrange work experience with an employer at the show, or ask them about current vacancies they have.

- You can research local employers and the type and levels of work they offer and can find out the best way to get started in any of the work showcased.

- Employers can tell you what sort of person they look for when recruiting and whats skills or qualifications you will need.

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ENRICHMENT DAY - Wednesday 6th April (full time learners only). 9am - 1pm at Delancey

April the 6th is our Health Enrichment Day!

We have teamed up with some students from the College and a range of partners from across the Island to deliver a fun and highly interactive enrichment day. The theme of the day is health and well-being. With 24 activities to choose from and a range of competitions and prize give-aways, this enrichment day promises to be a fantastic, educational and fun morning for all.

The activities will all be taking place at Delancey, starting at 9am and finishing at 1pm.

Please note that you will have to arrange your own transport to and from Delancey on the day.

The activities will be divided into 6 zones (A - F) and each student will need to select 3 choices per zone. You will then be allocated one activity per zone to take part in on the day.

You will have now received the email containing the link, but this is also attached below.


Please submit your choices via the link no later than Wednesday 30th March.

We will be confirming your activities on Friday 1st April. We work hard to deliver chosen activities to everyone but we will contact learners individually if any changes are needed.

Please remember that your attendance on Enrichment Day is important. It is set to be a really engaging, fun and positive day - enjoy it!

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Puffin Passes - Free Travel

The smarter way to travel

ALL full-time students, regardless of their age are able to get a free Puffin Pass.

Please get a form from reception, supply your own passport-sized photo and return it to CT Plus at the terminus kiosk in town.

You will then be able to get free daytime, weekend and school holiday travel.

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Learner Support drop-ins

What are these sessions?

These are study drop-in sessions providing a great opportunity to seek out some additional support with any aspect of your work.

They are staffed by the Learning Support team to help you towards success in your course.

How can they help?

- Assignment Structure & Planning

- Organising Workload

- Explaining / Clarifying Assignment Briefs

- Revision Strategies and Practise

- Functional Skills Support (Maths and English)

When and Where?

3.30pm - 5pm in the library

- Tuesday at Les Ozouets campus

- Wednesday at Coutanchez campus

- Thursday at Delancey campus


The Learner Support Team will be on-hand to support all learners in these sessions.

Learner Voice 2

The Learner Voice 2 survey is now available.

Thank you to those of you who have already completed this.

I attach the link below for students who are yet to complete the survey (the deadline is Friday 1st April).


Health & Social Care Trip

19 level 3, 2nd year Health & Social Care students went on an educational trip to Manchester to look at the NHS provision in the UK and relate the curriculum to national 'best practice' at the beginning of the month. The students were lucky enough to visit the Manchester Mental Health & Social Care Trust, one of only five mental health & social care NHS organisations in the country.

There a range of enthusiastic and dedicated practitioners shared their knowledge and academic pathways taken to their chosen careers.

They also had an inspiring and thought-provoking time at the Royal Manchester Children's Hospital where they had talks from Play Therapists and tours of the hospital, including Radiology, A&E, Wards, Day Patients to name but a few.

They also had the opportunity to visit a huge and varied UCAS exhibition which looked at universities as well as careers, apprenticeships and gap years. The students represented the College well and worked hard to make links with staff and students at Manchester College across two campuses' and built some friendships which are still continuing. At the College they had an opportunity to discuss differences in opportunities, placement experiences and had great fun completing practical activities laid on by the students such as baby resuscitation, smoothie making, bed making and disability awareness.

The staff would like to thank the students for embracing the opportunities provided to them and it was a great chance to get to know you all better.

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News from ICE

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Trowel Trades Supporting Community Projects

Trowel Trades apprentices enjoyed supporting the local community at the Vallette bathing pools restoration project. They worked on re-pointing and re-finishing steps, renovating the picnic area and the changing rooms. Thanks to Adam Groom and Chris Bentley for supporting the project and to the students for taking part; Rob Brehaut, Thomas Hearne, Grahan Hockey, Jack Ferbrache, Adam Zekavica, Jason Billien, Jack Duqueming and Jacob Smith.

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HE News

Did you know that we now offer HE in conjunction with London South Bank University. We now offer BSc (Hons) Degree in Architectural Technology (AT) BSc (Hons) Degree in Construction Management (CM).

Simone Whyte, principal forward planning officer from the States of Guernsey, talked to the BSc (Hons) Architectural Technology students about the regeneration of The Bridge, St Sampsons to support their Masterplanning module.

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Karting Success

Spectators witnessed some of the finest kart racing at the latest round of the winter championships. A near record Senior Max entry of 13 drivers included our engineering student Ben Roussal. Ben thrilled the crowd with a fine display of control and perfect overtaking manoeuvres. This was Ben's first race and he coped extremely well with the wet and slippery conditions. Well done Ben and his tutor Andy Thacker.

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Installation of the new Lieutenant Governor

Guernsey's new Lieutenant Governor, Vice Admiral Ian Corder CB was sworn in on Monday 14th March. He arrived on the HMS Severn at the White Rock before parading on foot through the High Street.

Saboohi attended this special event with 2 lucky students, Christopher Gavey and Becky Osborne. Thank you both for your attendance and we hope you had an enjoyable time.

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Creative Writing Competition

This month saw the third of five new Creative Writing competitions, sponsored by AO Hall. This is the competition’s second year after the success of the inaugural competition and the publication of our 2015 / 2016 anthology, which can be picked up for free on all three of our campuses.

Well done to the 3 winners of this months Creative Writing Competition. The challenge this month was to create a piece of fiction from an image. The chosen image was that below, made famous from New Year 2015.

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Shots for Everyone?

I see them squabbling through my sombre window. This time of year…it happens every time…why, just why can’t they learn? All they do is pump poison through their bodies; this slow lethal killer. Soon it won’t be the alcohol which kills them.

This is why I stay in on these nights. To escape them all because apparently they are the “social ones”. I mean how is this being social? Having to be pinned down to the floor by the police and lying down in the middle of the road? I ponder on the thought of joining them and blending into this crowd but then recall that, even though I live in this crumbling building, I will not stoop down to their level of intellect.

Won’t they keep it down? I mean are they so juvenile not to care about other people whose homes are situated in this area. There is no turning back for them now! Or for me. The corruption to their body has already gone too far and has lashed around their nervous system seizing control of their whole body so they can’t control it themselves. Now the only redeeming light will be the sole saving which I permit. I stroke the trigger once more, my new target undecided.

They leech money from our taxes. The money that has to be wasted on this scum to be treated by doctors or held in cells because they are too juvenile! I will liberate them of this suffering; like I already have done to the blubbery buffoon in blue. They think it was the slob next to the drain! The moronic police officers! They think they have control but no it is I. I am omnipresent here; I call the shots.

What am I meant to feel? Remorse? That’s right, absolutely nothing but pleasure. I am the liberator of the earth. I am not going to feel sorrow for this as I have saved these people’s lives. I slowly aim my rifle back at the drunks. The lady in white? Or maybe another for the man in blue? I think the deck is stacked and I have the aces. I line her in my sight and squeeze the trigger. I think this calls for celebration; how about shots on me?

Liam Torode


My life is a very rough one. It is chock full of repetition. And, might I add, not the good kind. The same thing happens all the time. Every day, every week, every month, every YEAR!!! Sorry about that, I can get a bit stressed sometimes. Did I mention I live a very rough life?

This all starts, like it does every single year, at the beginning of the year. The New Year. This is one of the worst nights of my life, all this New Year, New Me malarkey. By midnight, people are throwing up all over me. It’s just absolutely disgusting. And then they have the cheek of just walking away. No respect for me, and no self-respect for themselves.

Then there are the fights that go on almost every day, whether it be night or day. Someone gets jealous, gets angry, or maybe they’re just doing it for the laughs. Either way, the same thing happens. People get into a fight, and then blood is spilled – all over me. Everything that happens in Manchester always happens to me. The littering is no better, and this is worse during the day than the night, but there are some worthwhile exceptions: McDonalds, KFC, Greggs - all that rubbish is just dumped on me.

The police respond to almost all of these incidents. They’re the worst! I mean, the other night, some lad and his girlfriend got into an argument. He slapped her, some people called the police, and BAM, just like that, the bobbies are on the floor, wrestling the drunk guy, who was covered in puke which was being thrown all over me. For just one night, I would like a quiet night!

The best nights are the quiet ones, where there are no feet walking over me. So relaxing, so peaceful! I can get a good night’s sleep. I envy the countryside lanes, with little to no traffic at the best of times. Oh, how I love being a road in Manchester!

Nicholas Wright


It is Christmas Eve in Manchester. John is drunk again, in pain from the punch that has sent him crashing to the ground. He is amazed at the absurd position he had landed in, and the sad fact that he’s managed not to spill a drop of his beer. At least I still have some of my old reflexes, he muses. “Where did it all go wrong?” is his last thought before he passed out.

Waking up in the road, John staggers to his feet and shambles off towards his home. One of these days I’m going to have to sort out this drinking problem of mine, he says to himself, with a wry smile on his face. On reaching his home, he opens the door and stumbles up the stairs to his bed, where he falls immediately into a drunken sleep.

6AM Christmas morning, the alarm wakes John rudely from his slumber. With a pounding head, he makes his way to the bathroom to get ready for his twelve hour shift at work. What the hell am I doing working Christmas Day, he thinks to himself. As he puts on his uniform, he notices the half-empty bottle of beer on his bedside table, and takes a cheeky slug before heading off to work. Stepping into his car, it crosses his mind that he is probably still over the drink-drive limit.

Following his usual route to work, John passes the police station, drives around the back and into the car park. He lets himself into the building and makes his way to the front desk for another shift as duty sergeant at Greater Manchester Police Station.

Terry Abrams


For staff and students.

Come and join in with this circuit training session, suitable for all abilities.

A combination of exercises throughout the session with the aim of getting fit, losing weight, gaining strength and most importantly boosting your mood!

On Wednesday mornings:

LOC, 7:30 - 8:15am

LOC, 8:45 - 9:30am

DEL, 9 - 9:45am

Any queries please contact Matt (matts@gcfe.net).

Digital Greenhouse - 'Enabling Ideas. Expanding Horizons'

The Digital Greenhouse is now open. This is a States of Guernsey funded initiative dedicated to growing Guernsey's digital and creative sectors in collaboration with business, government and the community.

Situated over two floors at Rectory House in Market Square, St Peter Port, the premises have been fitted out using local suppliers with the aim of creating a fresh and exciting venue that is both flexible and able to deliver an inspirational facility, so as to provide a focus for creativity and innovation.

The Digital Greenhouse will also provide a venue for skills training, development and learning and will be able to host regular events and activities that promote, showcase or share knowledge on technology and innovation opportunities.


Coding Taster Session - 31 March at 17:30

The session

This session will give you a basic knowledge of how coding works and the world of programming, if you are new to coding or have never coded before but want to learn more then come along.

The session will be run by Dan Hunter who is ICT lecturer at the Guernsey College of Further Education.


We encourage participants to bring your own devices, however the Digital Greenhouse does have a small number of devices that can be used if required. The number of devices is limited and it will be a first come first served basis for requesting them.

Previous taster sessions

Last time we had fourteen people attended and they spent two hours getting to grips with the basics of HTML 5 and CSS to create webpages. It was great to see people learning the principles of coding and syntax and then applying and developing them to what they wanted their website to do.

Everyone enjoyed the session, with one attendee saying afterwards: “An enjoyable evening learning the basics of coding, specifically around building a web page. Dan made the session light and interactive and the group was diverse and happy to help each other as we learnt.”

Although only a taster it gave people an idea of coding and inspiration to continue to learn. One attendee said “I really enjoyed it and Dan's clear and well-paced teaching style. It's left me with a taste for more.“

Startup Guernsey - Ask The Experts - Marketing. 6 April 12:00 - 14:00

The session

Startup Guernsey will be hosting an "Ask the Marketing Experts" event on Wednesday 6th April from 12-2pm at The Digital Greenhouse.

As well as representatives from Startup Guernsey, a number of businessess will be on hand to offer free marketing advice. These include The Potting Shed, Spike Communications and Bridge Digital.

It's a great opportunity to meet the marketing experts and ask questions on launching your startup or scaling your business.

There are limited tickets available for these sessions so please use the link on the website to register your place.

Further details of events can be found on the Digital Greenhouse website:


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2016 Lecture Programme (Princess Royal Centre for Performing Arts):

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Large Gates & Barriers - 11th May at 19:30

In his presentation Ken Grubb (KGAL Consulting Engineers) will review a number of large gates and barriers that have been designed and constructed in the last four years. Schemes range from the Hull Tidal Surge Barrier refurbishment, large rising sector gates and floating sector gates in South Korea through to the Xayaburi dam across the Mekong Rover in Laos.

Have a lovely Easter break.