Little Foxes

Author: Ariane Chotten / book report by: Erica Link


Little Foxes is all about what they eat, what they do, when they are born, and when they leave their den. I chose this book because they interest me, I did not know that much about foxes. I never knew that a fox hunts like a cat.

I would have my friends read this because it is a cool book, you can learn a lot about foxes. You can learn how they get their prey, what they eat. It is a very good


Fox's Dens

A fox's den is were they live and grow up. The mother needs to find a good place for her pups so they can live there. An old burrow of a rabbit or a badger is a good place for a foxes den. She will make a little opening, then she will make the rest of the burrow a bigger place for her newborns.


I never knew that they hunt just like cats they go really slow and then, they ponce on the prey. The fox hunts for rabbits, mice, moles, and shrews and even eats some fruits (a shrew is a mouse like animal with a long pointed snout/ a mole is a animal with small eyes and long claws that burrow and live underground.)

Into the wild

In autumn, when they are about six months old, the young male fox leaves their families. They must hunt for their own food to survive. When the night falls, the foxes gather together to play, and they even see their brothers and sisters that they were raised together.

Little Mischeif-Makers

Little foxes play with their brothers and sisters. Sneaking up on each other, they leap straight up, then roll around with each other. The little foxes' days of fun help increase their physical strength and sharpen their attentiveness.