Important Policies

What you need to know!


Participation is a major portion of our class. Over the course of the week, I'll post questions and observations in the discussion board to students thinking. To make sure that you are meeting this requirement, please look at the Participation Policy in the Course Information area.

So let's get started. First, take a look at the syllabus then go to the "Biographies" discussion area and, for your first assignment, post a brief message describing yourself and your reasons for taking Geography. If you wish to learn more about me, you can find my biography through the Faculty Info link.

Class Assignment Late Policy

Baker Online Late Policy

"Project planning, time management, and contingency planning are essential in all professional activity, not just academic coursework. As a standard, it is expected that assignments will be submitted by their respective due date."

*However, I am more than willing to make accommodations for students who may have valid extenuating circumstances.

A Special Note on Plagiarism

According to Baker College Policy:

  1. You are required to provide correct citations for any text that you use from an external source. I need more than the main URL.
  2. Exact text that you take from another source needs to be properly quoted. You need to surround the this text with quotation marks and add a reference after it in APA format.
  3. The work you submit must be substantially your own, I will not accept papers that have more quotes than original text. I don't care if you quoted it, if it is not substantially your own, I will not except it.

If you have any questions, please ask. I will give zero points for any plagiarized assignment and I will fail anyone who does not get the message after the first offence.

If you have questions.....

At some point, you may have questions or concerns. Please feel free to contact me through email anytime, or by phone from 8-5. Please take a look at the Faculty Information tab to learn a little about me. My contact information will also be there.