February 20 - Get Whitt it!

Notes from Patricia & Patty

Kinder Round Up is coming on 4/11/2019. Teachers, if you have a student to enroll for KG, please see me asap to get the paperwork completed.

Counselor's Corner

Mapping your Future follow up day (Wed., Feb 27th):

Our WW follow-up day is fast approaching.

All: Watch the following video (ClassDojo Growth Mindset Activity) and complete the discussion activity together (should take about 5 minutes).

3rd and 4th: Will do the ClassDojo Activity in class but will ALSO complete their Achievement Profiles in Computer class for the week of the follow up (Thanks, Mirella!).

If ya have any questions, shoot them my direction!

Speaking of Mapping Your Future Day:

Follow this link to take a district survey for our Journey to the Mountaintop day. Your opinions are super important and truly do help shape the future of our Wylie Way days.

ALSO: I'm super excited to announce that I have purchased People Colors for each classroom. Yay! It is my hope that ALL our wolves can find the perfect skin shade to match all their beautiful tones!

Next week we'll welcome back, Coach Hunter! We know she'll miss her sweet Ava but are excited to have her BACK!

Big picture

Just so you know...

There are 11 days to spring break and we have not seen ONE SINGLE ounce of pausing from you. You're working hard, pulling groups, and growing Wolves. Each and every day. The MAP share out session from Monday was SO great...there should be more opportunities for us to get to come together and share out what awesome things we're doing in our teams.

Special thanks to Dyann and Stephanie for their hour of technofabulousness!

Morgan Power rocked her first STAAR training, didn't she?? I sure thought so!

Notes from the Nurse

"Find the thing that stirs your heart and make room for it." ~Joan Chittister

'Tis the season for flu, strep, allergies, stomach viruses and all other viruses...not to mention MAP, DRA, checkpoints and all other classroom to-dos! School staff can easily begin to experience compassion fatigue and/or burnout if they do not practice self-care.

Self-care is not selfish, but necessary for you to be able to care for those around you! I recognize that none of this is new to anyone and most everyone has heard that you cannot pour from an empty cup. However, it's February and I see you running the rat race of evaluating, checkpointing, mentoring, teaching...literally doing all of the things!

So...what does self-care look like for you? Maybe it is saying no to yet, another commitment, or disconnecting from technology for a bit and probably most importantly...scheduling time for yourself to have fun! What was your word you decided on for 2019? Are you sleeping well? What does your overall nutrition look like? Are you exercising and hydrating? Remember...you must apply your oxygen mask first before you can help those around you!

Need additional self-care tips and mindfulness activities for your classrooms? Self-care and Mindfulness

What one thing can you do to take better care of yourself this week? Who in your world can help hold you accountable? (Email Amber this answer for free jeans on Wednesday!)

Calendar Comings



22 Daddy Daughter Dance

25 math checkpoint grades 3,4, school board meeting

26 reading checkpoint grades 3,4; special guest speaker (wear Cowboys gear! Dallas, not yeehaw!)

27 WW follow up day, no formal PLC K-2

28 MP AP mtng, PTA special general meeting about the Bond!


1 Wolf HOWL- visitors here! K-2 changed PLC to TODAY for visitors!!

Magazine drive begins!


5 AT OUTMulticultural night 6-7:3-

7 PTA Council luncheon AT WHITT (over 100 guests on campus this day!)





20 Wear jeans for the first day of spring!


22 Student Celebrations

25 school board meeting

26 AT out ESC

27 Spring pictures

28 MP out ESC



I don't even have to say it....do I??


There, I said it.