A Midsummer Nights dream rendition

By The SANDS squad, overseen by King Panwar the terrible

A Rendition of A Midsummer's Night Dream

Our acting group has worked on a reenactment of Act 3, Scene 1 representation of this classic play from the world famous William Shakespeare. We hope you will be there to join us!

Only on Wednesday, December, 03-04 2014

The performance will take place in North Park Secondary School.


-1 Penny Per Student

-2 Pennies Per Guest

-4 Pennies Per Teacher

Main Actors

Our Patron

King Panwar

King Panwar is a noble king but he might be slightly terrible. King Panwar has inspired us to achieve success even after our audition was not our best. We hope King Panwar will be impressed by our performance and he will be the cause of our success.