Netherlands is one of the countries in Europe. The capital is Amsterdam. With the population of 16,877,351. The Netherlands is full of gorgeous biomes such as wetlands, marshlands, waterways, and forest. The typical wildlife is wild bears, elk, and roe deer. The tourist destinations is the delta project, Maastricht vrijhof, and Rijksmuseum. And the government type is constitutional monarchy. The currency is Euro. And that is the Netherlands !

Little Known Fact

New York City started as Dutch colony called New Amsterdam. Many places names in New York remind of the Dutch origins of the city, such as Flushing in Queens (famous for Flushing Meadows), named after Flushing in the Dutch province of Zeeland.

Extra Information

The Netherlands has spawned many world-class painters, such as Rembrandt, Jan Vermeer, Jan Steen, Vincent van Gogh or Piet Mondriaan.

Typical Wildlife

Netherlands flag

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