Non-Profit Organizations

by: Samantha Jones

Nationwide Organizations

Girl Scouts

The Girl Scouts are a non-profit organization that teaches young ladies to build character, confidence, and courage. Communities are able to donate money or buy things from the Girl Scouts (cookies) to help them raise money. The money from the donations and profits go to families in a financial crisis, teen mothers, and other people in need. Supporters of this organization are Google, Dell, and other corporations.

Salvation Army

The Salvation Army is a non-profit organization whose purpose is to help the needy and homeless while spreading the word of God. To help this organization flourish, people are able to donate items such as clothing, furniture, and even cars. The profits and donations the Salvation Army receives goes to war veterans, the homeless, financial aid in families, and so much more. The Salvation Army has many partners including – but not limited too- Wal-Mart, Papa Johns, and Sam’s Club.

Local Organizations

Currituck County Arts Council

The Currituck County Arts Council is a non-profit organization who helps and encourages artists of all ages. People are able to donate money or volunteer if they are an artist or are interested in art. The money funds different events to sell artist work (good profit). Sponsors of this group are the organizations that participate with the Arts Council in the festivals that they hold.

Currituck Chamber of Commerce

The Currituck Chamber of Commerce is a non-profit organization that was developed to provide economic opportunity for all, a safe community for families, good working environments for students, and many other things. People can volunteer to help around the community or start a job with this organization. The Currituck Chamber of Commerce can hold a business and expo show that is available to future sponsors.