Of the 1920s


African American writers during the Harlem Renaissance created great bodies of literature for example poems, fiction, dramas, and essays. This new generation showed new energy, the ambition of outsiders and resentment towards betrayed ideals.


Jazz was very popular in the 1920s this picture is what it shows to represent the Jazz influence in the 1920s. It was pioneered by Handy "Jelly Roll" Morton and Joseph "Joe" KIng Oliver.
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New look was trending in the 1920s where men were now wearing all wool cardigans, consistently match their socks. In plain heather toned mixtures, checks and colorful fancy patterns, V neck style with two pockets. To go and golf

But during business the men would wear double breasted suit. Usually used by taller men. they had lose pockets. They wore navy trousers.

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There were silver and silent movies that were playing and had a grand variety from romantic to horror.

There was also various types of dances that were used in the 1920s such as the shimmy, waltz, Black Bottom and Tango.

The company picnic was quite popular at the time.

There was also the group of seven who painted paintings of Canada.

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