Emma Mattice-1

how to clean the gun

First you would half to clean it with soap and wash it then it comes with a drying tube. People call it paint ball because back then people really used paint and it would git every where and today they really don"t use paint we use a little ball with cooler in it. It hurts really bad that is why you where good cloth and that is how you would wash your gun.

how they play

First you would look around the corner and look for the gun top so you don't get shot and if you see it you would go to the other side and shoot them from behind and they would be out. If you get shot then you would stick your gun up in the sir and yell out and they would not shoot you and they would keep playing.

when Paintball started

The game developed in the 1980 and soon became popular world wide. The first game of paint ball was played in the 1981 paint ball is also a way to bring people together and let people work together and get to now each other.

paintball gear

You would half to where a belt with stuff in side of it also it holds your ammo and other paintball stuff. You half to where protecting cloths because it hurts really bad and that is why you half to be like 12 or 13 to play paintball because it hurts that much put paintball is really fun to do and to play with your mom or dad or evan your sisters.