The goddess of magic

About Circe

Circe was the goddess of magic. She lived on the island of Aeaea. Odysseus and his men came to her island and Circe turned them into pigs. But, it had no effect on Odysseus so he didn't turn into a pig. Realizing that she was powerless to Odysseus, she turned the crew back into humans and invited them into her home. Circe and Odysseus had seven children together.

Circe's Children

Circe had 9 children. Their names were Faunus, Latinus, Ardeias, Anteias, Romus, Romanus, Latinus, Agrius, Telegonus. She had seven kids with Odysseus, one with Telemachus, and one with unknown.


Circe's Abilities

Circe had the ability to turn men into animals. She could also hide the sun and the moon behind clouds. She used poisonous juices to kill her enemies.


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