• Indus River is located in present day pakistam west of india.
  • People who lived in this area were known as harappans because their civillation was called harappans
  • They settled in places around 2,500 bc


  • Along the indus River the people were successful with farming and irrigation their cites began to grow.
  • seasonal winds, called monsoons brought summer rains they allowed farmers to grow large ampunts of food .

Written language

  • They used wirting to do buissness records.
  • They wrote in sanskits.
  • They wrote with some kind of pen.

Political systems

  • Along the Indus river in India a strict social class was set up to to control the people.
  • This was known as caste system
  • The development of the caste system during this time help provide order and stability peoples place in society was baced on birth and wealth


  • Was used to measure land after flooding
  • They used 60 to do 12 months and 365 days on a calender


  • India the eeligion of hinuduism began this eventally spreded 10 different parls of reigion doenst worship any gods.
  • Another religion in India started and was called Buddism.