Mobile Apps for Education

Applications that can be used in a lower elementary setting


This is a mobile app for creative story telling in which children can draw, animate, and share their own cartoons. It is very simple and requires users to move characters around and speak while recording the full screen. It can be used in multiple subjects and is available for apple and android.

Virtual Manipulatives!

This is a mobile app for iPad that provides a tablet as well as real time view of fractions. Students can take photos of objects and use them to measure sizes as well as use the bars on a normal screen.

Explain Everything

Explain Everything is an interactive whiteboard in which teachers and students can create videos and projects with screen casting technology. Users can record their own voices over top of the recorded presentations which feature infinite canvas and grouping and locking tools.


Socrative is a mobile quizzing app that allows students to be polled on answers and teachers to track the progress. The app comes in two parts. Socrative Teacher and Socrative Student. The students participate in quizzes and polls and the information is automatically graded and graphed for the teacher.
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Strip Designer

This is a comic strip designer which allows students to create storyboards with their own photos and text. It is highly customizable and engaging for students of a broad age level. It can be used in a variety of project based situations for multiple subject such as science, social, or language arts.

Todo Math

Todo Math is an interactive academic adventure style game in which students can get 15 minutes of daily practise minimum with a large variety of games in different areas of math curriculum like number operations, reasoning, geometry, time and money.