Talent Management: What's New?

How to Survive Post Recruitment - The October Edition

What's the sitch?

  1. How Did Recruitment Go?
  2. IXP - The Best Way to Ensure a Strong Culture
  3. Team Standards
  4. What to Train on Before RoKS
  5. Leadership at the Core
  6. 4DX - 4 Disciplines of Execution
  7. National Talent Management Functional Meetings
Most people have finished recruiting members and inducting them into our organization - yay! New additions to our AIESEC US family.

They are members now - don't call them newbies (the funny thing about expectations is that they influence how other people act - if you treat someone like a baby then they'll continue to act like it).

Take note of these data points and look more closely at your LCs data specifically too here.

People are joining AIESEC to develop themselves and make a positive impact on the world - let's help them do that. And people want to go abroad - let's help them get out of their comfort zones this winter.

Hearing from a friend continues to be the major way people hear about us - let's keep sharing our stories and leading the movement.

Membership Tracking

People analytics is vital in understanding our members who are also our customers. Data is the way of the future and you should hop on this bandwagon. Update the your member tracking in the Talent Management space on podio here.

(Both your current members and your new ones)

2. IXP #MakeItFrosty

"...but people are busy and don't have time for exchange..."


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Woah, wait a second, 321 people who applied for Global Leader want to go abroad on Global Citizen this winter??

Yes! How awesome is that?! Check below for an email template to send them abroad. Check the National Recruitment Space to see who from your LC is interested. Check out the Spring 2015 applicants as well!

IXP Email Template

Use this template that your lovely MCVP MKT crafted to send to all of the Global Leader applicants that are interested in going abroad.

Be sure to set IXP goals and key measures and actions to get you there (i.e. conversations about IXP, number of members applying per week, etc.)

And keep backwards planning in mind - if they are going to realize in Dec/Jan then they need to be matched in Oct.

Stay tuned for more details on projects that would be good for members!

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Don't forget about your current members as well! The best thing you can do for building a strong culture and a strong LC is to ensure your members are going on these life changing experiences abroad.


Team Standards (formerly known as team minimums) have been refreshed!

Don't over complicate them, but these are the things that we as TM are responsible for making sure happens for each member in the LC. That doesn't mean we have to implement them but we need to help the other teams do so.

The newest addition is the leadership development spaces - this just means that you ensure that there are experiences/spaces where members can develop in the 4 leadership development qualities and that members go through the inner and outer journey.

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Learn By Doing

Ensure that all members are inducted, transitioned, trained in their function.

Utilize the "learn by doing" concept. Think, how can I ensure a challenging environment for my members so that they can have greater development (what if every member of your OGX teams could have 20 applicants to work with from day one? how would that change learning for them?)

Below are some basics that your members should know, but remember October is all about matching so how can you make sure your LC is prepared to do that?

"Do not think, 'what is the best way for me to teach?' instead think, 'what is the best way for them to learn?'"

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Get excited for your amazing RoKS faci's! See you there!

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Always remember to keep leadership at the core. It is, at the end of the day, our value proposition. There are other benefits that AIESEC can give, but those are just benefits and not fundamental to who we are and what we do.

6. 4DX - Four Disciplines of Execution

The MC team has embraced this business practice and it has been very helpful for us so you should check it out and see about implementing these principles into your daily operations too. Here is a PDF of the first chapter of the book to read.
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The next one is tonight at 6pm EST! Use the link below to join the call!

These calls will be to answer questions, chat about strategy, and collaborating together as a function. I look forward to meeting you all there!

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Have an amazing weekend! Lots of love from the TM corner!

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