Come To Minnesota!!!

The 32nd state of the U.S.A

Minnesota is a northern paradise in the wilderness!

Facts of History:

  • We built Fort Snelling to enforce laws but not to fight.
  • St. Paul was filled with mainly men around the 1840s until the first women came- Harriet Bishop.
  • St. Paul was called "Pigs Eye Landing."
  • In 1858 Minnesota was the fastest populating state in the U.S.A.
  • Being that our state was populated we got a governor named Henry Sibley.


My " Quote"

" We have land we have lakes, we have everything that it takes."

A main intrest in Minnesota is once again Fort Snelling.

Fort Snelling was used to enforce laws and keep peace between tribes and nations.

A very influential person is Harriet Bishop.

Harriet was the first women to create education in Minnesota. Her first school was muddy and dirty in a blacksmith shop in St. Paul/ Pigs eye Landing. Harriet also Ran the first sun day school, along with women groups for money and she started a temperance group to ban alcohol from the choices others have made. So basically she made education and enforced kids to be Christian too.

Travel Time!!!

Some ways I think some people could travel from the east is to ride or drive in steam boats through rivers and lakes.


"We have the freedom you need from the big cities"