News from 3rd Grade

Ms. Doerr's Room

Making An Impact

Our class has been inspired to make an impact on our school community. We toured the school, inside and out, and listed ways that we could positively change our school. We brainstormed lots of big and small ways to make a difference. Our first project is to clean up the mulch on the sidewalks. It looks messy and is dangerous too! Your child should be asking you for gloves, a scoop, or a bucket to bring to school on Tuesday.

We have been doing lots of writing about the things we wonder about. Topics have included "What would it be like to be a dinosaur?", "Why was math invented?", "How do they make whoopee cushions?", and "What do pets do in heaven?". The students each came up with their own wonderings. As you can see, they have some interesting wonderings!

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Hunter and Marissa showing off our plan to impact our school!

Look What We're Learning!

Math: Fact fluency, fact families, fact extensions

Inquiry: Making an impact at our school

Writing: Wonderings and observations

Reading: Reading partnerships, reading conversations, story elements

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We played a very challenging game called Math It Up! The students loved it! Ask your child how to play...

Coming Up!

Specials next week:

Monday No School

Tuesday Music

Wednesday P.E. and Early Dismissal at 2:55

Thursday Technology

Friday Art

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Pretty Pretty Please!

Parents, we really need your help! The kids are working incredibly hard to earn money each week. They are excited to shop in the class store at the end of quarter one. I have a small collection of small toys, novelties, books, trinkets, etc. that 3rd graders would like. However, it isn't much. Please donate whatever you can so the kids can spend their hard earned money. :) Small stuffed animals, craft kits, novelty pens and pencils, stickers, games, etc. would be great ideas. Thanks so much to the families that have donated!