By: Jocelyn Garza

Why is it an issue adopting a different colored child?

Most people in the world judge people enough for their actions, adding a different raced child into that could make people feel uncomfortable I'm guessing.

Let others live in a world where they can adopt whoever they want and live a happy life just exactly the way people who judge live theirs.

Is it possible to change the way people look at those with different race children?

There aren't any laws for adopting a child with a different skin color, but most people don"t understand the meaning of adopting a child. 90210 is a series on Netflix and there's this family that are white but they adopted a 16 year old African American boy. In my opinion, adopting a child any race is perfectly normal and honestly people shouldn't worry about that, they should worry about themselves. Asian, African American, any race should be able to get adopted by different race parents or people. "American families bring home children from Russia, Korea, Guatemala, China, Bolivia, India, and Africa." Everywhere around the entire universe, people should be allowed to adopt any child they'd like, without people judging and just go on with their lives. Most parents who are wanting to adopt a child, it's not as easy as it seems. It's not an easy decision wanting to adopt a child of a different race or the same race as the parents. "if you are considering adoption, an important issue that you will face is whether you are interested in adopting a child whose race, ethnic background or culture is different than yours."
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Another issue adopting a child of a different race is explaining why your different from them or where they came from. The issue is when the child starts asking all of these questions and some parents aren't prepared for those questions. "It is much more common that parents who adopt internationally bring into their families a child who looks entirely different than they do." Without thinking ahead about the whole situation, then the whole thing will just become a disaster. "These families face challenges both in the home and wherever they go." People these days are very judgmental, seeing a child who's African American with a white family, don't expect for them to not talk. Other people shouldn't be worrying about that family with a child who's African American. People need to focus on their own lives, worry about themselves, and take care of their own issues. "Even though others can't seem to agree with the issue, it shouldn't affect you or your family." Parents who want to adopt shouldn't worry about other people judging or talking, adopting is a very beautiful thing to experience and those people are helping that child live in a happy home and be with people who love them just the way they are no matter what.

What to do when the child starts asking questions By Alba Tobella

"Adopted children tend to start asking about who they are and where they came from during the first years of middle school, when they are ages between 10 and 12, and their curiosity typically continues until their late teens, going through horrible situations." Adopted children are obviously gonna go through the point on asking questions but the adopters need to already have a plan to explain everything when their child is ready to hear it.

What if the biological parents asked for their child back? By Jenna L Jones

Honestly if you wanted to keep your child then you shouldn't have given it up for adoption. Jenna L Jones in her article about people wanting their child back said "Parents asking for their child back is not fair to the people who adopted their child. It's asking for a lot of things, it's completely unfair." I agree with her, it's unfair to the people who took a child into their home and took care of him/she as if it were their own blood related child.

Do gays have the right to adopt? By ProQuestStaff

Whether they are gay or not, single or married, if someone really wanted to have children it shouldn't matter if they're different from other people. The article about if gays have the right to adopt had said "Advocates of gay adoption argue that same sex adoptions are needed because there are so many children waiting to be adopted and same sex couples are able to provide the children with stable homes and families." I agree with this because that's the only way same-sex couples can have children and love them as much as if they were their own blood related children.
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This graph is showing how many children are adopted in the most top 5 countries and are moved into the United States.

Does the child have a say on getting adopted or not? ProQuestStaff

Children should be notified on about what is going on and get's to have at least a say on what they think. Obviously they don't have a say if they're only a baby, but if they're old enough to understand what the situation is, I think they should get a say on the topic. In the article they had said "If the child is old enough to speak and understand about adoption they still shouldn't be able to say anything on the topic... it's up to their biological parents to make the decision." I don't completely understand why the child doesn't get a say in the whole topic but It's unacceptable, children should be able to say something if they don't want to leave their own home.