My Future

Jacob Norby

Brain Hemisphere

Left Brain Thinker

Although I am capable of using both the right and left side of my brain depending on the situation, I am most comfortable while using the left side of my brain. That means that I tend to be more practical, realistic, and logical. Because I am a left brain thinker, I could use more spontaneity, emotion, and creativity.

My Personality Type

#1 Gold

I have a gold personality type. That means I tend to like to be more organized, traditional, and respnsible. I also will feel more comfortable in a leadership role. Although, it can also make me have trouble being sporadic or random.

Decision Making

Directive Style

When making decisions I tend to make them deliberately and follow the director style. People with that decision making style complete tasks quickly and are practical and authoritarian. Others could see my decision making as rigid. The best organizational fit for my type of decision making is one that allows for structure and where power and authority are important.

My Top 3 Career Choices

College Visit Tips

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BHS To-Do List

9th-get good grades, get involved, start a resume of activities/accomplishments

10th-keep grades up, take PSAT Pre-ACT, maintain resume

11th-Boost GPA, take ACT, SAT, maintain resume

12- get letters of recomendataion, apply to schools, fill out FAFSA, apply for scholorships


Friday, May 23rd, 7pm

285 Stadium Dr

Fayetteville, AR

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“Be yourself; everyone else is already taken.”
― Oscar Wilde