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October- January New Books

I'm Trying to Love Spiders (it isn't easy) by Bethany Barton

"Spiders may not be easy to love. These eight-eyed “ninjas” are capable of eating seventy-five pounds of bugs per year, so they at least deserve not to be squished."-JLG

This story is told from a female point of view. While the child struggles with her urge to squash spiders, she learns more and more about them.

E Bar

What Floats in a Moat? by Lynne Berry

“‘Drawbridge, straw-bridge,’” says Archie the goat. “‘This is no time for a drawbridge. This is a time for science!’” But can he build a boat that floats?-JLG This book explores the difference between a full vessel, an empty vessel and a half-way full vessel.

E Ber

Mama's nightingale: a story of immigration and separation by Edwidge Dandicat

Held at an immigration detention center, Saya’s mother records and sends Saya bedtime stories inspired by Haitian folklore. Saya then writes her own story—one that helps to bring her mother home.-JLG

E Dan

Pete the Cat and the Bedtime Blues by Kim Dean

"Pete the Cat wants to go to sleep, but his animal friends want to stay up and play"--publisher.

E Dea

The Giant Seed by Arthur Geisert

In this wordless tale, a giant seed lands in the pigs’ village. They plant it, and a dandelion grows. When a volcano erupts, the pigs have a unique escape plan.-JLG

E Gei

Dust Devil by Anne Issacs

Angel 's adventures continue as she finds an equine sidekick and captures the orneriest, ugliest outlaw ever known. A companion to Swamp Angel.-JLG

E Iss

Once Upon an Alphabet by Oliver Jeffers

Each letter of the alphabet serves as inspiration for a brief, funny story, including H for “Half a House” (lived in by Helen), and Y for “ Yeti, a Yak and a Yo-yo”. -JLG

E Jef

The summaries come from our friends at Junior Library Guild. The * notes are from me!

Sophie Scott goes South by Allison Lester

Sophie travels with her dad, captain of the Aurora Australis, to Antarctica. She notes what they see—including seals, penguins, icebergs, and blizzards—in her diary. -JLG

E Les

The Christmas Tugboat: how the Rockefeller Center Christmas tree came to New York by George Matteson

A New York Harbor tugboat captain and his family take the tug up the Hudson River to pick up and tow the barge carrying the enormous Christmas tree that will be displayed at Rockefeller Center.

E Mat

Zen Socks by Jon J. Muth

Stillwater the giant panda and his friends Leo and Molly teach each other about patience, sharing, and compassion.

E Mut

The Fox Chase by Sven Nordqvist

Afraid that their neighbor will hurt a little fox while trying to protect his chickens, Pettson and Findus work on a plan to outsmart the fox, with results even better than they could have imagined.

E Nor

Daisy Gets Lost by Christopher Raschka

Daisy encounters the familiar emotions of being lost—and the joys of being found—in this mostly wordless companion book to the Caldecott-winning A Ball for Daisy.-JLG

E Ras

Migrant by Maxine Trottier

Anna is the child of Mennonites from Mexico, who have come north to harvest fruit and vegetables. Sometimes she feels like a bird, flying north in the spring and south in the fall, sometimes like a jackrabbit in an abandoned burrow, since her family occupies an empty farmhouse near the fields. But above all Anna wonders what it would be like to be a tree rooted deeply in the earth, watching the seasons come and go, instead of being like a "feather in the wind."Afraid that their neighbor will hurt a little fox while trying to protect his chickens, Pettson and Findus work on a plan to outsmart the fox, with results even better than they could have imagined.

E Tro

Arrow to Alaska: a Pacific Northwest Adventure by Hannah Viano

Arrow, a young boy who lives in Seattle, goes on an adventure to visit his grandfather in Alaska aboard Aunt Kelly's salmon boat, spends time with Grampy on his float house, then returns to Seattle with Grampy on a friend's seaplane.

E Via

Baby Bear Sees Blue by Ashley Wolff

Leaving the den as the weather warms, Baby Bear discovers blue birds, red strawberries, orange butterflies, and other colorful things in nature.

E Wol

Monkey & Robot by Peter Catalanotto

Best friends Monkey and Robot, who laugh and jump up and down when they are happy, enjoy a variety of activities.

ER AR 2.9 Cat

More of Monkey & Robot by Peter Catalanotto

Presents four stories about best friends Monkey and Robot, who try out Halloween costumes, visit the beach, consider what to do with a tire they find, and figure out if it is morning or night.

ER AR 2.9 Cat

A Passion for Elephants: a real life adventure of field scientist Cynthia Moss by Toni Buzzeo

The world’s largest land animals have a passionate advocate in Cynthia Moss—a scientist who has made studying and protecting elephants her life’s work. -JLG

599.67 Buz

Home on the Range: John A. Lomax and his cowboy songs by Deborah Hopkinson

"John Avery Lomax grew up singing. Why, he probably knew more folksongs, tunes, and ballads than there were cattle in the great state of Texas." As a child, John loved the songs he heard the cowboys singing along the nearby Chisholm Trail. He began writing them down at an early age. As John grew older, he traveled the country collecting and recording cowboy songs, helping to preserve such favorites as "Sweet Betsy from Pike" and "Home on the Range."-JLG

782.42 Hop

Pug and other animal poems by Valerie Worth

“Even in winter, along / Streets of stone / Where a thin sun / Warms nothing, / Sparrows and pigeons / Seem at home.”-JLG

811 Wor

Annie and Helen by Deborah Hopkinson

To teach young Helen Keller how to understand language, Annie Sullivan needed not only patience but also a new, inspired approach. Author’s note. Excerpts from Annie Sullivan’s letters. Reproduction of Helen Keller’s first letter home.-JLG

92 Kel

The cart that carried Martin by Eve Bunting

“Ordinary mules for an ordinary funeral. . . . That was what he wanted.” A simple, borrowed cart and two mules transported Dr. Martin Luther King Jr.’s coffin.-JLG

92 Kin

Beatrix Potter and her paint box by David McPhail

Long before The Tale of Peter Rabbit, Beatrix Potter loved to paint the bunnies, mice, and other pets who populated her family home.-JLG

92 Pot

Mermaid Queen: the spectacular true story of Annette Kellerman

As a child growing up in Australia, Annette Kellerman was a frail ugly duckling who dreamed of becoming a graceful ballerina. With courage and determination, she confronted a crippling illness to become an internationally known record-setting athlete who revolutionized the sport of swimming for women, a movie star who invented water ballet, and a fashion revolutionary who modernized the swimsuit.

92 Kel

Out of the Woods: a true story of an unforgettable event by Rebecca Bond

Ontario, 1914: Antonio lived on the edge of a lake, in a hotel his mother ran. The summer he was five was a dry summer, and a raging forest fire created “real danger,” then “something remarkable.”-JLG

971.3 Bon

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