Academic and Career Planning

Fall '18- JMM

What is Academic and Career Planning?

Academic and Career Planning (ACP) is a process by which students—in collaboration with key school staff, families, and community members---

A) monitor and set goals for growth in the areas of Madison's Graduate Vision

B) explore options for classes, activities, careers, colleges, and majors that fit their interests, values, skills, talents, and lifestyle

C) develop and revise plans to pursue the growth goals and options of highest priority to them

The mission of Academic and Career Planning is to support all students in becoming

College-Career-Community Ready. Students do some of their ACP work and store artifacts in XELLO, a powerful exploration, goal-setting, and portfolio tool purchased by MMSD for all students. XELLO can be accessed by JMM students through a link at the bottom of the

JMM Website.

Volunteer at JMM

We are currently recruiting volunteers for our upcoming Career Fair on December 12th and for 1:1 interviews in May with our sophomores. We would also like to offer our students job shadowing, volunteering, or internships/apprenticeships at your work place. Please follow the directions listed below to volunteer for these events!

Volunteer Tracker

    • New Registration

    • Complete a new application form

    • Select Memorial (or other schools as location)

    • Choose activities you would like to volunteer for: Career Fair, 1:1 Interviews

Students get to reflect on their growth in and beyond classes through the lens of the MMSD GRADUATE VISION (pictured below)

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At JMM, students get ready for College-Career-Community Readiness activities in a variety of ways...

Math Class- Portfolio- Development

Social Studies- Researching Colleges and Careers

English Classes- Telling Your Story and Portfolio Sharing

Science Class- Graduation Credit Checks

All Classes- Reflecting on Growth, Exploring Options


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Counselors conduct group conferences with their students seniors in the FALL.
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CAREER FAIR- December 2018

On Day #1 in US History 9 class, Freshmen explore their interests and personality traits with their teachers using this activity and a related assessment, as they relate to the 16 National Career Clusters, as well as develop questions to ask career professionals. On Day #2, they select career professionals (from over 80 who were present) to meet with based on their interests, compare personality traits, and get their questions ANSWERED! We are excited to continue to update and evolve this valuable REAL WORLD LEARNING EXPERIENCE.

Individual 10th Grade ACP Portfolio Interviews in May!

Pictured Below: Past ACP Portfolio Interviews with School and Community Volunteers

Other COLLEGE-CAREER-COMMUNITY READINESS activities this year...

-CLUB FAIR- this lunchtime fair gave students exposure to our many extra-curricular

clubs and activities during the lunch hour

-COLLEGE GOAL WI night at JMM- assistance to get the FAFSA DONE!

-MADISON COLLEGE APPLICATION SESSION- helping seniors complete a free application

-UNITY-POINT CAREER SHADOW VISIT- Health and Wellness PATHWAYS students visit a

health care corporation and learn about the diverse career roles present there

-FALL PARENT NIGHTS delivered by counselors for grade 9, grade 11 and grade12 families to help support students in their post high school planning.

-AVID Community-College-Career Readiness Presentations- monthly

-SOCIAL EMOTIONAL LEARNING presentations in 9th grade classes by Student Services

What happened to "Advisory"?

Starting in 2017-18, JMM discontinued our Advisory program. We found that there were ways in which it needed supporting that were not possible. In the interest of continuing with high impact strategies, Academic and Career Planning activities are now designed to occur primarily within student classes. Our student news program, SPARTAN NEWS, will still be viewed at the end of a morning class period once per week, and JMM will also have occasional HOMEROOMS at the end of a morning class on occasion, to build community and when programming calls for it.

ACP at Home...

Notice your student's interests, talents, and values, and encourage them

to find opportunities to explore them in and outside of the classroom

Remind your student that most academic and career areas

have multiple pathways to success within them

Help your student get connected with the resources they need

to successfully pursue their goals


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JMM Staff LOVE THEIR STUDENTS! (see video below)