by: Maurice Sendak

Where The Wild Things Are is an interesting book with amazing illustrations. Its's on when a boy named Max said he would eat his mom. So she sent him to his room with no dinner where he found a boat. He rode in his boat to a forest and ruled the monsters there. He smelled food and rowed back home against the monsters wills. When he got home he found some great food. Won the caldecott in 1968. I beleive Maurice Sendak wrote her book to teach kids not to yell at their parents. It won the caldott for telling so much in a few sentences. It also had great illustrations.
Where the Wild Things Are

Jonathan Lang

5 interesting things about Maurice Sendak.

  • He was an amazing artist.
  • He performed on the Colbert report.
  • He loved to collect many things.
  • He had the largest Micky mouse collection un the world
  • He was an American author.

The Comparison!!!

I will compare Where The Wild Things Are to The Biggest Bear. They both are fictional books. The Biggest Bear starts out nonfictional then just gets weird. kind of like Where The Wild Things Are except it doesn't get weird. They are different because ones on monsters and another is on bear.