truck mount carpet cleaning machine

truck mount carpet cleaning machine

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Your Carpets Need a Commercial Carpet Cleaning Machine

Have you looked at your carpets lately and thought to yourself, “I really need a good commercial carpet cleaning machine to come through my house.” If you haven’t, you’re not alone. Most of us just don’t think in those terms. But your carpets may not be so complacent. They collect dirt and plenty of other things that can be harmful to your carpets and to the air you breathe.

Steam cleaning has come a long way, even to the point where there are home machines are available. Unfortunately, many have found out that home steam cleaning machines don’t do the same job. Your carpets may get wet and smell nice. You may even get black water telling you that you are removing dirt. To really get deep down into your carpets though, you need the professionals on your side.

What Makes A Commercial Carpet Cleaning Machine So Special?

A commercial carpet cleaning machine uses a process of hot water and chemicals to alter your carpets and clean all the fibers. Many modern machines are using steam cleaning techniques to save water and get more effective results. But at its base, the steam tends to be at least 200 degrees farenheit.

Heat helps you to reduce the natural bond between dirt and the surfaces to which they are currently sticking. Then you use dry steam water, which is basically a fancy way of saying you are using less water. The “dry steam” allows dirty surfaces to be wiped while also helping you to reduce drying time when you are using a commercial carpet cleaning machine the right way.

Why Is a Vapor Commercial Carpet Cleaning Machine Better Than Traditional Cleaning?

All your hard surfaces can collect dirt, so even if you don’t have carpet, you can make use of a commercial carpet cleaning machine if you bring in the right technicians. Steam can penetrate any of these pores to get to the dirt that could be keeping your home dirty. With help from the professionals, you get a fresh, clean home you simply can’t get on your own with traditional methods, and you will notice the difference.

When tested out, many report that their hard counter tops and floors feel “smooth as silk” when they get professional cleanings for their hard surfaces. If you trust your floors and surfaces to a carpet cleaning professional, they can do more and recomend more that will improve the home you live in.

What Are the Key Advantages of Paying to Bring In a Commercial Carpet Cleaning Machine?

Hot steam can penetrate even the smallest pores in your surfaces, whether carpet or hard floors. Even when compared to the best antibacterials and all-purpose cleaners, it provides a superior cleaning experience without all of the chemicals. The heat of the steam alone can kill bacteria and keep it from coming back.

In addition, when you use steam, water does not collect, and what water is used dries more quickly to prevent mold and other buildup.

With its natural environmental benefits, you can imagine the benefits to your home environment. Depending on what kind of staining and buildup you have, you may not even need them to use any extra cleaners. The steam used by experienced professionals with a truck mount carpet cleaning machine is often more than enough.

Is A Commercial Carpet Cleaning Machine Really Better Than Chemical Cleaners At Killing Bacteria?

For many, it’s fair to say their main concern is making sure that their commercial carpet cleaning machine they hire or the chemical cleaner they use is killing bacteria, mold, dust mites, and other things that can get into your air. They want to eliminate the things that could compromise the air that you breathe.

Hot steam vapor does not release harmful chemicals into the air. However, it does an amazing job of sanitizing and deodorizing. You can have them release a new smell into the air, but you don’t have to if you don’t like artificial scents. Steam cleaning is great for all areas, and you don’t have to get pets or kids out of the house for any period of time to let it dry out. You can go straight back to your normal life as you know it.

If you want to kill mold, bacteria, and germs and do some good for the environment at the same time, steam cleaning is the method you’re looking for. The job you see with steam services can lead to results you never even imagined. They may even seem miraculous if you have never had it done before.

How Do You Choose The Right Commercial Carpet Cleaning Machine Service?

And some might also ask, how much will the right commercial carpet cleaning machine cost? That depends on what you’re looking for. If you have a larger home for example, it is going to cost you more. Likewise, if you want them to perform extra, say pet specific services, you are going to pay more for that. But there are a couple key things to consider:

Steam Temperature: When we talked about the steam earlier on, we gave a general 200 degree estimate. However, the actual temperature can vary to some degree between steam cleaners. There are two basic temperature modules you will see. There is the internal temperature in the boiler and the temperature at the tip of the attachment where it hits your carpet or hard surfaces.

Obviously, there is a fine balance to make sure that you are not burning anything in the process. The temperature in the boiler is the one that you should be judging by. Higher temperatures in this area work better. A difference as small as just 10 degrees can make a significantly bigger difference than you think.

If you are looking at the best truck mount carpet cleaning machine service options, you could find temperatures as high as 285 degrees in higher end machines. Up to a point, the temperatures will most likely keep going up.

Tools: Quality tools are key to getting the job done right. Just think about it. If you were a technician working with steam at that temperature, would you want to take any unnecessary risks that could lead to severe burns among other things? If your technician is smart, he will be thinking the same way. But it’s not just about safety. Good quality tools can also ensure the proper application and a service that can get more dirt, grime, and bacteria out.

If you are looking for a great commercial carpet cleaning machine service, you have more choices than many have ever had before. That’s the good news. Now the trick is finding them. The latest technology is on your side, and if you need more information or quotes, just keep reading here.

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