Mistreated by professions and world

Ugly picture painted by professionals & world on mentallyill


A Solution that now looks crazy; New York times by Richard A. Friedman

IU study: 'Backbone' of mental illness stigma common in 16 countries studied; Mental Health Weekly Digest by UNKNOWN

A History of treatment for the mental illness; The Washington Post by UKNOWN

"The freedom to be insane is a cruel hoax. Prepetrated on those who cannot think clearly by those who will not think clearly" - Dr. Torrey

Said by famous psychiatrist and schizophrenia researcher wrote down himself. That the mentally ill, even viewed through the eyes of a professional, their soul job is to care and protect the mentally ill, DO NOT believe that the mentally ill should have a say in what the future holds. Being mistreated by professionals, an ugly thought; but what has already happened cannot be changed. It still does not change, that the professionals in the mentally ill field do mistreat those that are of course mentally ill.

"The stereotype of all people with mental illness as 'not able' is just wrong. No data supports this" - Bernice Pescosolido

Stated by a professor in the IU college of Arts and Sciences, he has said that many people are mistreating and judging harshly on the mentally ill. Not only with people with depression and self harm problems, but people with schizophrenia are also judged and mistreated by the public. Aside from this gentlemen protecting and stating the wrong, it still shows that the world does mistreat the mentally ill, to the point where someone had to speak out about it and show the world 'Hey! This is wrong!'

A key 1975 Supreme Court case reinforces those changes, with the court deciding that the state cannot confine a 'non-dangerous individual' who is capable of surviving in freedom alone or with the help of others

Within the history of mental illness treatment, many people did abuse the system. Making fun of it, as if it a joke. " Abuses of this system are rampant, with families often paying to have unwanted relatives committed against their will" - A history of treatment for the mental illness; The Washington Post; 19th century. As time went on, going into the 20th century, this system was still abused. Not only were there over 559,000 Americans in psychiatric institutions, their rights were taken away from them. Over time this system was changed and revised into what it is today; but today and back then, mental illnesses was treated as a joke, to be laughed at and abuse because people don't think it's 'serious'

Counter Agurment

A lot of people can say there's a huge counter argument, saying that professionals and society do treat the mentally ill with respect and consideration.
An example would be in the History of treatment for mental illness, in 1975, any laws have been pasted to give mentally ill people the right to an attorney and trail before they are put in a mental institution. And even before this law, many people did treat this as a serious problem almost as problematic as cancer and heart disease. This does not however, change the fact that, that a large number of people didn't either believed mental illness was a thing, Abused the system, and took it as the laughing stock of health problems for a large number of years.

By Lily Nguyen