My future

Michelle Mojica

Brain Hemisphere

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Left- Brain thinkers:

  • Good at math
  • Like to read
  • Very logical
  • Dog lovers

Right- Brain thinkers:

  • Good at sports
  • Like to write fiction
  • Dreamer
  • Cat lovers


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My personality type is ENTJ. (Life´s natural leaders)

  • Extraversion; People who prefer Extraversion tend to focus on the outer world of people and things.
  • Intuition; People who prefer Intuition tend to focus on the future, with a view toward patterns and possibilities.
  • Thinking; People who prefer Thinking tend to have their decisions on logic and objective analysis of cause and effect.
  • Judgement; People who prefer Judgement tend to like a planned and organized approach to life and prefer to have things settled.


  1. Green
Intentive self-sufficient, persistent, intellectual, inquisitive, impartial, accurate, careful, systematic, logical, theoretical.

2. Orange

Action- oriented, quick-witted, charming, spontaneus, playful, risk-taker, creative, multi-tasker, cheerful, energetic, bold, problem solver, negotiator.

3. Blue

4. Gold

Motivation/ Stress Level/ Team Style

My motivation score was 67, this means I almost have a great positive attitude.

My stress score was 42. This means I am not very stressed.

In a team I am most like the director choices, as I am a natural leader.

Introvert/ Extrovert/ Ambivert

I am an ambivert which means my personality has a balance of extrovert and introvert features.

An introvert is a shy, reserved, withdrawn person.

An extrovert is an outgoing person, who is primarily concerned with the physical and social environment.

Kuder Navigator Results

Top 5 career pathways according to skills

  1. Health, safety, and environmental assurance
  2. Professional Support Services
  3. Network Systems
  4. Law enforcement services
  5. Web and digital communications

Work Values

  1. Innovation (high)
  2. Income (high)
  3. Accomplishments (medium)
  4. Workplace (medium)
  5. Prestige (medium)

Top 5 career choices

  1. Business Finance
  2. Health Informatics
  3. Public Management, administrations
  4. Accounting
  5. Administrative Support


I plan to live in Baltimore, Maryland after i graduate. That is where the johns Hopkins college and hospital is located.

Top 3 Career choices

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Top College Choice

High School Plans

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Graduation date: May 23 2020.