The Fire

By: Sally Reed Creveling

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Survival and Rescue:

The Fire represents survival and rescue because they need a signal to get passing ships attention. Without a fire, there would be no way to be saved. Ralph becomes so attached to the idea of being found that he thinks about the fire all the time. Over time fire not only represents survival and rescue, but it also represents destruction. The boys didn't think of the outcome when they decided to light the whole island on fire to find Ralph. Overall without the fire they would all be stuck on the island forever.


"...If a ship comes near the island they may not notice us. So we must make smoke on top of the mountain. We must make a fire" (Golding 38). During the first assembly meeting Ralph was telling everyone how important the fire is.

"You got your small fire alright" (Golding 44). After lighting the first fire, things got out of control and the fire grew rapidly, destroying the land.

"All at once the lights flickering ahead of him merged together, the roar of the forest rose to thunder and a tall bush directly in his path burst into a great fan-shaped flame" (Golding 199). Jacks savage tribe was chasing Ralph to find him and kill him. They decided that burning the whole island down will trap him and he wont be able to hide.