West TX fertilizer Disaster

Prey for West Tx

By Lance Smith,Keron Rainey,Kyle Carlson

The Explosion

Explosion caused by ammonium nitrate: an extempore rare fertilizer compound these days, being used less and less on farms. The explosion was like a little earthquake felt and herd miles away. The cater was more then 90 feet wide and blasted walls windows and houses in a town of 2,700

Some pictures of West Tx

The Recovery

Around the town tons of trucks filled with food and water bottles come to help the victoms from donations. A federal emergancy declaration allowed up to $5 million in federal assistance given to the state. At the outer edges of the blast people are allowed to go get there belongings.

What caused it?

Officials said that a train carrying ammonium nitrate could have caused the explosions.
CAUGHT ON CAMERA: Fertilizer Plant Explosion Near Waco, Texas