Wild Fires

the unstoppable fury

Main Issues and Negative Effects

They kill crops while destroying the homes of all the animals.The wildfires start pollution and kill tress along with other producers and destroy the ecosystem. Also it unbalances the ecosystem. This natural disaster can harm anything and can start just from the light of a match or a lighting strike. Do not throw or light anything with a little bit of spark. I wouldn't let anybody do anything to forests.This can also happen in League City by stupidity and lightning.

Another wildfire started at California!!!!

The fire was spreading like a light. The fire department and the police have arrived to take everything under control. The forest was down to nothing after the fire. You don't want this happening to you.

Stay away from wildfires

Stay away from Wildfires

These things are very dangerous. If you ever see one worn a police officer. You don't want to be around it!!!