Iphone Projector

By: Lucas Bernholtz, Yosef Alrobie, and Surgio

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The Product

The product was made by Aiptek in 2000. It was made to project pictures and videos from your phone. The projector was originally for computers and now it is for phones too.

Innovation and Society

An innovation it went through were projectors that was invented in 1990. It is for energy and power. It was positive because it is a smaller projector for phones, and it is negative because kids will just be glued to phones easier now.

Science, Technology, Math, and Engineering.

An example is the plug, the science is the transportation from phone to product, technology is power used for it, engineering is problem solving the negatives, and math is the size, shape and area of the product.

What we would have Change

We would make it so it could have been used for other devices also.