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The Week Ahead for the Week of December 7- December 11


Grade Level PLC

Admin PLC

Heckard Out

Liz will be in the building.

Dr. Jaworowski has asked instructional coaches to begin using the walk-thru observation protocol. Liz may be using that when/while she is in classrooms. Micheal may be doing the same when he is in the building next week. This is just so you are should be business as usual.


Staff Meeting

Employee of Excellence Nomination Due

Chivers Out


k4/5 to Charlotte

Sherry R2S Meeting-out of building

Chivers Out


RRMS JazzBand performance 10AM Media Center
4/5 Special Switch

Chivers Out


DCMS Bel Canto Choir performance 10AM Media Center
4/5 Special Switch

Birthday Lunch

Chivers out

Curriculum Corner

Mrs. Chivers will be out of the building with CPI training this week.
If you have a student that you need to refer to the office, please write a referral and send the referral to the office. DO NOT SEND THE STUDENT.****
I will pick up the student when I get a chance.

****If the student is causing harm/potential harm to himself, you , or another student, call the office and someone will come to pick up the student.

Worth Repeating this Week
The document referenced below is now on Canvas under the grade chair module " Response to Intervention"

Essential Learning
We talked in our last faculty meeting about a process to identify essential learning standards. In grade chair PLC meeting this week, I will be sharing with them more detailed information and process ideas how to determine essential standards. This information will also be posted in Canvas

Douglas Reeves (2002) has offered one set of criteria that might be used to distinguish between what is nice and what is essential for students to know:
Endurance-Will this standard provide student with knowledge and skills that are
valuable beyond a single test date?
Leverage-Will it provide knowledge and skills that are valuable in multiple disciplines?
Readiness-Will it provide students with knowledge and skills essential for success in
the next grade or level of instruction.
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