Friday's Thoughts

September 25, 2015

Monday's Staff Development

We will meet Monday morning at 8:00 to work on AdvancEd and SLO's. I have tried my best to consolidate this work for days like Monday and the half days we have planned so that you are not overwhelmed with additional "stuff" other than teaching. My hope is to be finished by 10:00 so that you can work in your rooms.

We are also beginning work to get more photographs up in our school much like RCA. One thing we want to do is to have a faculty wall with head shots of everyone. On your photograph, will be your favorite quote. We will take these photographs Monday so come with your best smile!

I hope you have a wonderful weekend and are able to get some much needed rest. Thank you again for all of the work you put into our Open House event.


Dismissal Time

We have had some questions about our dismissal time, so I want us all to get on the same page. Mr. White will make transportation change announcements at 2:35. At the end of those announcements, he will ask bus riders to move to the gym. Please move bus riders and kindergarten car riders at that time. 1st-5th grade car riders need to move to the hallway at 2:40. We will not begin calling 1st-5th graders until 2:45. Please remember that we are asking students to read in the hallway and not talk so that they can hear their names when they are called. We will make sure we make announcements right at 2:35 so that no one is moving and can hear all changes.

House Shirts

If you need a new house shirt, please stop by the office to get a form from Reggie. We are ordering shirts for our K5 students. If you have new students in your classes, please let us know so that we can get a form to you. We did not send an order form home to all students as most of our students have house shirts. Please place your orders by next Friday so that we can place our order.

Grade Level Meetings

Each grade level should have a set day to meet as a grade level. Grades K-2 should be meeting to plan together. Grades 3-5 should be meeting by subject area to plan and by grade level as well to touch base about other issues related to the entire team. This is an important component to working together as a team. Please determine the day and time that you will meet as a grade level and send that information to me. Thank you.

October 1st and 2nd

Just a reminder that we will meet for half-days on these dates. During this time we will discuss reading, SLO's, AdvancEd, and other issues relating to our school. Matt has secured subs for you.

House Events

We have many exciting events we are adding to our House System this year. We will share these with you Monday! It is going to be phenomenal!!