Shelter Cove,California

Kortney DeCroix


  • Shelter cove is on the continent of North America in the United States.
  • It's latitude and longitude is 40.0304 N and 124.0731 W

Type of Beach

  • It is closer to a plate boundary.
  • It is close to tectonic activity.
  • Its features are created by geologic forces.
  • It is a primary coast.
  • It has been sinking relative to sea level since its existence.
  • It is a submergent coast.

Sand color & origin

The sand color is black. There are two coves covered in dark pebbly volcanic ash. The beach is shielded by huge rocks. Shale cliffs eroded creating charcoal colored sand blends of magnitude and hornblende.

Other features of beach

  • It is known as the lot cove because it is not popular and often forgotten.
  • The San Andreas fault is very close to this beach.
  • There are cliffs on the beach.